Logs of conversations/ideas related to Half Life VR But the AI Is Self Aware. Content warnings will be included.

Succubus AU - everything about my succubus AU in one place. Frenrey, Freehoun, Freehounrey (?!), demon Benrey, succubus Gordon, human -> succubus tf, master/pet, and general indulgence. Includes links to works from other people inspired by the idea as well as my own. Plus conversation logs when I get around to it.

Darker and Edgier alien TF AU - Frenrey, cleaned up chat logs about Gordon transforming into an alien like Benrey (smug bottom Benrey, blood, blood drinking, transformation, mild body horror, memory loss, sex, alien genitalia - tentacle cock and cunt, heat/rut kink, possessiveness, corruption kink, Benrey corrupting Gordon until he swaps sides and fights against the team in the final battle)

Spooky Mirror - Frenrey, cleaned up chat log about Gordon buying an old but inexpensive full length mirror and it turning out to be cursed in a sexy way. His reflection starts to act out his desires regarding Benrey while Gordon watches. (Corruption kink, mild hypno. Fun bad end ideas. Benrey has to come save Gordon and be the sensible one for once, it may or may not work.)

Gordon gets the genders aka me mulling over the idea of a oneshot which is a sequel to Contagious/Convergence/Completion where Gordon does some serious thinking about gender now that he's a shapeshifter who can have any form he wants. (Spoilers: he's none gender with left dude.) Contains discussion of gender stuff along with genital tf/shapeshifting with emphasis on gender euphoria, plus some oral and funky alien genitalia. It's wish fulfillment content for trans people who wish they could shapeshift. (Including me.)

Hypnodom Gordon - Frenrey, short, cleaned up chatlog about Gordon hypnotising Benrey for the first time. Hypnokink with some sex, plus praise. Content warning: brief use of slurs as dirty talk, brief mention of 24/7 D/S (lifestyle D/S).

Hypnotic Amnesia - Frenrey, cleaned up chatlog where Benrey hypnotises Gordon, consensual hypnotic amnesia where Gordon doesn't notice he's having sex or masturbating because he's hypnotised to overlook it. Content warning: the word "slutty" used in a playful way, unaware but consensual sex negotiated previously.

Gordon Lizardman - Frenrey, cleaned up chatlog about Gordon accidentally getting turned into a lizard monster after some experiment goes bad. Slow transformation. Benrey busts Gordon out of Black Mesa and then they move somewhere nicer, get domestic and Gordon gets a lecturer job, and they have sex in interesting ways. Content warning: transformation, mild gore (painful transformation related), ovi, genital tf, ovipositor fucking/docking, egg eating, some other small things listed at the top of the chatlog page.

Snow Leopard Werecat Barney - Freehoun. HL2 timeline, except Barney is a big fluffy were snow leopard either from getting bitten by one or from an unspecified teleporter incident. Mostly Freehoun fluff and some transformation stuff, some brief mentions of sex.