Spooky Mirror fun

Chatlogs from discord.

People involved: Prinx (me), Eggnog (Ao3), Prime (Ao3, Twitter), A (Ao3), PCrab (Ao3), Chell

Eggnog 12:07

Reflection of perfection

Ok what if

What if

Mirror bullshit


A 12:07

Do it Egg!


Eggnog 12:07

Bear with me a sec

So let's say Benrey has mirrors powers right

And both Gordon and Benrey are in a room with a big Mirror

And suddenly Gordon notices his reflection is smiling... even though he isn't


Prime 12:08

Benrey did burst in through the mirror-


Eggnog 12:09

His reflection smirks, and goes to Benrey's reflection, (maybe Benrey isn't in the room with Gordon for more fucky elements) 

and both smirk at Gordon

Gordon watching his reflection make out with Benrey, finding it... kind of hot?!

Ok and let's say his 'corrupt' reflection keeps going, hands wandering down Benrey's body while Gordon can only watch


Prinx 12:11

He could always turn away - it's just a reflection



Eggnog 12:12

And maybe later ... maybe reflected Gordon looks back at regular Gordon, and beckons him over... reaching out a hand...


Prime 12:12

the desires of seeing himself with Benrey


A 12:12

Does Gordon feel what his reflection is feeling? Like a ghost touch?


Prinx 12:12

sexy mirror of erised

I know it's not actually supposed to be that but that popped into my head


Eggnog 12:13

Ok but what if

Gordon walks towards the mirror when his reflection beckons him... and gets pulled in haha

Gets to join in


Prime 12:14

Gordon gonna do himself doing Benrey?


Prinx 12:14

join in or swap places


A 12:14



Prime 12:14

Gordon Mirrorman and Benrey sandwhiching Gordon


PCrab 12:15

on the subject of can real gordon feel what mirror gordon can feel, maybe at first he can't, but he's not.....sure????? like he can almost feel a phantom touch but maybe it's just his brain making him feel it because he's seeing it and it feels like he should feel it

and then he realizes he wants to be able to feel it


Prime 12:15

the touches are of his desires

Prinx 12:15

I LIKE that a LOT



Maybe Gordon's desires he's been ignoring make his reflection stronger/more real as soon as he starts consciously considering them


Eggnog 12:17

Hahah yesssss

Enough to reach over and pull him inside the mirror


Prime 12:18

Benrey whispering to Mirroman's ear, but it transfers to Gordon's

making him feel so close yet so so far


ggnog 12:20

When he's pulled though the mirror it feels so cold, like being submerged into cool water

But he's quickly warmed up as he's pressed between two bodies


Prime 12:22

what if the 'corrupted' side could like

have lil hypno eyes-

he do have Gordon's hidden desires

just gotta gently pry them out


Eggnog 12:23

Maybe- helps him relax, c'mon, you've always wanted this, im you, I know what you want

Just give in to those desires of yours- I just want us to feel good


A 12:23

Nothing to hide in here, we know everything about you


Prime 12:23

Benrey softly massaging at Gordon's back, tilting his head to look into Mirroman's eyes


Eggnog 12:24

'My eyes are your eyes, c'mon, take a look, can't you see what you're hiding from yourself? Your wants and needs?'


A 12:25

Seeing his own reflection in those eyes, reflection upon reflections of his own desires, multiplying for eternity


Prime 12:26

seeing Benrey and himself in the mirror's eyes


Eggnog 12:28

Lets himself go limp against Benrey- and his mirror smiles, gently strokes his cheek, good boy, let us take care of you


Prinx 12:43

I came back and found murder attempts


Eggnog 12:45

You shared the idea, we merely expanded on it



Prinx 12:49

Corruption and hypno and indulging Gordon's secret desires

A winning formula


Eggnog 12:52

Maybe Gordon won't ever want to leave the mirror- why would he, he can have everything he desires here-

love that kind of stuff too


A 12:55

Benrey should be happy with that to, keeping Gordon safe and satisfied in his own little pocket dimension.


Prime 12:58

I knew i had to mention hypno because Prinx suggested the idea


Prinx 13:06

My question is: whether the Benrey in the mirror is real Benrey or the way Gordon wants Benrey to act with him?


Prime 13:06


this has got me brain working-

i thinkin


PCrab 13:07

gordon thinks it's benrey fucking with him but no he just accidentally bought a cursed mirror


Prime 13:07

Imagine Gordon seeing Benrey after that and Benrey's just "bro what you talking about?"


rinx 13:08

Gordon vanishes and Benrey comes looking for him maybe :3c


Eggnog 13:08


Two Gordon's and two Benrey's...

What will they do


Prinx 13:08

Finds him stuck in the mirror doing all sorts of things Benrey wouldn't have even thought of

Benrey is thinking about them now though


A 13:08

Benrey walking into the room and seeing the whole affair and being like 'yo, you had a threesomw with me but without me. The fuck?


Prime 13:09

what if Benrey's own reflection can flusters them-


Eggnog 13:09

Gordon reduced to a moaning mess, fully 'corrupted' all needy and begging for more


A 13:09

Showinh off Benreys repressed desires!!


rime 13:09

"Oh~ You too chicken to join~? Bet you can't make Feetman feel this good~"

"You a lil level 1 noob."


Prinx 13:10

Gordon flirting at real Benrey and flustering him


Prime 13:10

Benrey unable to process what's going on, the corrupteds staring at them, grinning, challenging


A 13:10

I'm a firm beliver that benrey can't handle people flirting back so this is SENDING me!


Prime 13:11

"Oh what you gonna do Benny boi~? Gonna chicken out? not gay enough for this, outgayed by Feetman?"


Prinx 13:11

There should be some sort of visual tell for which is the real Gordon


Eggnog 13:11

'Look at him- how much he wants you, don't you wanna join us? We can have lots of fun together-'


A 13:11

Mirror Gordon is missing his left hand


Prime 13:13

Mirrorey biting Gordon's neck, staring into benrey's eyes as they mark him


A 13:13

Mirror Gordon beckoning to real Benrey 'Aw you always say you want to touch and kiss me. Was that all a lie, don't you want this?'


Prime 13:14

Mirrorman feeling up Mirrorey's body.

"Don't you want to feel hands on you~? Don't want to feel your Gordon's breath against your neck?"


A 13:15

'Look how pretty he is like this, I know you can't wait to get your mouth on him.'


Prinx 13:16

This is fun because you can have two or three endings: Benrey rescues the real Gordon, Benrey rescues mirror Gordon, or Benrey gets pulled into the mirror himself


A 13:16

Four, mirror versions following them into the real world


PCrab 13:16

what's it like when benrey rescues mirror gordon? does he just have a super horny evil bf now?


Eggnog 13:16

Double corruption


Prinx 13:17




PCrab 13:17

but is he ever like...................................................................... but it's not real gordon......... :thinking: :pensive:


A 13:17

You really think it was an accident :wink:


Eggnog 13:18

Ohhh poooor regular Gordon.... stuck having sex with mirror Benrey in the mirror world what a shammmme how sad for him


Prime 13:18

oh noooo


A 13:18

Let all four of them out and wreck horny havoc on the world!


Prinx 13:19

Yeah I think Benrey would be kind of - it's not real Gordon, it's like. The Gordon he would think of while jerking off.

Except a bit eviller.

Benrey's fantasy Gordon.


PCrab 13:19

would he be sad he doesn't have real gordon? like this is the only gordon he can get :c


Prime 13:19

but it never ends


Prinx 13:19

He doesn't have the same depth


Eggnog 13:19

I like them all staying in the mirror world to fuck tbh lmao


Prinx 13:19

Me too

Prime 13:20



Prinx 13:20

I like each outcome


Eggnog 13:20

Fuck society let's be horny and 'evil'


Prime 13:20

this one is givng me angst story ideas


Eggnog 13:20

Mirror time


Prinx 13:20

It's a buffet


A 13:20

Maybe they both get let out when they're spent but there is a desire to return


PCrab 13:20

of course now that real gordon knows he loves to fuck benrey they could totally be together but uhhh maybe mirror gordon won't let him go back for real gordon


Prinx 13:20

(He doesn't have the same depth of personality because he's literally a reflection, badummm tish)


Prime 13:20

Benrey getting annoyed at his own reflection being worse at society behaviours-


Prinx 13:21

Benrey: wtf mirror me is a total himbo


Prime 13:21

Gordon: now you know how I felt!

Benrey: wha?


PCrab 13:21

and m... maybe mirror gordon is like "you don't want real gordon back he sucks and not in a good way he won't fuck you this often or this good"


A 13:21

'Man this guy is so fucking annoying!' 'He's literally you!' 'Yeah but I'm charming'


PCrab 13:22



Prinx 13:22

YES to mirror Gordon

Being all "why would you want the real one back"


A 13:22

Here's the big catch with Mirror Gordon...he's bad at videogames! :scream:


Eggnog 13:23


Wow that's a deal breaker


PCrab 13:23

~ i kinda think real gordon is bad at videogames too~


A 13:23

Yeah bit he is it in a fun way!


PCrab 13:23



Prinx 13:23

Mirror Gordon loses on purpose and tries to make it sexy

It's fun the first time


Eventually it gets pretty old


PCrab 13:24

"cmon you're not even trying"


A 13:24

Also mirror Gordon isn't as fun to tease, doesn't get flustred in the same way


PCrab 13:24

"trying to suck ur dick"


Prinx 13:24

He doesn't even rage quit!!!


Eggnog 13:24

'You can only have one of us~'

'Mm nah, I want the full set haha.'


A 13:24

Like where's the passion? The anger, all this dude wants is to fuck!


Prime 13:24

what if


Prinx 13:25

Btw I was thinking trans Gordon for this whole thing


Prime 13:25


Doesn't cuddle

Just sexual desire

Benrey just

feeling slightly more alone


Eggnog 13:25

: (


Prime 13:25

wanting Gordon back

wanting that emotional intimacy


A 13:25

He has to go back in and rescue him!


Prinx 13:26

Oh no I'm sad now

Ok but


Eggnog 13:26

Ok but what if. Regular Gordon and Benrey take their mirror doubles out. Help them develop into 'real' people. Big cuddle pile. Reverse corruption kind of lol, teach them that there's more than just sex. Games and cuddling is good too ya know. Still have loads of hot sex though of course

Bessssssst of both worlds


Prime 13:27

MirrorBenrey: wtf is this cringe!? its... um..

Mirror Benrey leaning into a gentle face touch for the first time


A 13:27

Mirror Benrey getting a hug: I hate it! Do it more!


Prime 13:27

like a cat


A 13:28

Feral kitty need socialtsation


Prime 13:28

MirrorGordon a bit cold at first but then Benrey trying to explain.. understanding-

telling him its okay to just



Prinx 13:29

I am still thinking about Benrey rescuing real Gordon and they're both like "geez we have a LOT to talk about" but in the background the mirror versions of them are like. Still making out or fucking. It's a BIT DISTRACTING.


Eggnog 13:29



PCrab 13:29

hell yeah


Eggnog 13:29

They have a one track mind


Chell at 13:29

Benrey and Gordon: are you serious? Right in front of our emotional intimacy??


Prime 13:29

omg Prinx yes

yeees that'd be so fucking funny


Eggnog 13:30

Gordon trying to work and the mirror duo are just blowing him under the table 

'I appreciate your enthusiasm but I need to work to pay the bills you know'


PCrab 13:30

they get too turned on and end up fucking and perfectly mirroring their mirror selves and that uhhh resolves the curse or something


Prime 13:30

it'd be like

those action movies where people have an emotional moment at near death

but for them its during sex


Prinx 13:30

Gordon: I need to throw a blanket over that fucking thing


Prime 13:30

Gordon and Benrey trying to talk stuff out

while the mirror counter parts are jerking them off


Eggnog 13:31

'I'm so glad you cam- ah- back for me ohfuckthatfeelsgood'


Prime 13:32

"I missed you so much b-brOO!!"


PCrab 13:32

gordon working while mirror versions are going at it and benrey walks in like "hey what's up oh uh wow. Hey that looks like fun. Can we?"


Prime 13:32

"Benrey I need to work!"


Eggnog 13:33

Have to get a spray bottle to spray water at them to get them to knock it off when he's doing something he needs to focus on

'Hey, listen, you can suck my dick later but I need to get these papers in by Monday'


Prime 13:35

MBenrey and MGordon giving big eyes under the table.

MBenrey giving the big 'please' and 'thank yous'


A 13:40

Man we just straight up gave them a pair of feral horny pets didn't we!


Prime 13:40


can they move into and out of the mirror at anytime?


Eggnog 13:40

Yes why not


Prinx 13:40

Sorry for party rocking but I am thinking about Benrey getting pulled into the mirror so they're all in there


Eggnog 13:41

Good shit


Prime 13:41

am listeninnnn


Eggnog 13:41

Love a sexy 'bad' end


Prinx 13:41

Benrey getting fucked into a horny mess and not keeping his determination to rescue Gordon - feels too good

And Gordon's here with him after all


Eggnog 13:42

Oh Gordon even asking him to stay- feels so good, don't you wanna stay here with me? With us?


Prinx 13:42

Their mirror selves positioning and directing them on how to fuck each other perfectly


Eggnog 13:44

'Bro we gotta leave-'

'Why would I want to? I can do whatever I want here- it's feels so good.'


rime 13:44

For once Benrey being the logical one is kinda making me bbbb


PCrab 13:44

"We gotta leave because uh.......hmmm..."


Prinx 13:44

When one of the real versions gets shy of watching or looks away, mirror version holding them by the chin and making them watch, see how wrecked the other is


Prime 13:45

The look on Gordon's face as he's in bliss

dont you wnat to make him look at you like that, Benrey?


Eggnog 13:45

'See you can't think of a reason to leave, can you? Just give in. Stay here with us. We can have so much fun together.'


Prinx 13:46

And in the mirror - they don't need to stop, no limitations on keeping going, don't need to eat or drink or sleep (unless they want to)


Prime 13:46

Benrey feeling their mind slip, just wanting to sink into Gordon's blissful gaze

finally together

finally with each other

finally without worry

without interruption


A 13:46



Prime 13:46

only each other

become the other's world

become the other's life


Eggnog 13:47

'We couldn't have lured him here without you you know. He's so in love with you-'

Mirror versions whispering to Benrey


Prime 13:47

Benrey's breath hitching at the word love

their heart speeding up


A 13:48

'He wants you so much his desire created another being, and here you'll have him forever'


Prime 13:48

Benrey imagining every moment they wanted to tell Gordon

tell Gordon how they felt

how happy Gordon makes them

its all there

so close

just a little further


Eggnog 13:49

'Non stop pleasure, for all eternity. No one to interrupt, there'll only be you and him, and us- your true inner desires. We know all about how to make you feel good, we can teach you~'


A 13:50

The tipping point must be real Gordon whispering 'I love you' into Benreys ear.

That's what finally lets him melt into the embrace of the mirrorr


Prinx 13:50


So good


Prime 13:51

Gordon's lips colliding with Benrey's

linked together


Prinx 13:51

Passionately making out


Prime 13:51

(bro what if Gordon and Benrey start getting all sappy and it weirds the fuck out of the mirrors


Eggnog 13:56

Gordon got a cheap mirror from a garage sale and oh whoops it's haunted and evil


(Everyone continued for a bit with adding Tommy to this scenario but I'm not into that for this particular idea myself, so I've stopped here with the logs to put on my site. Sorry to anyone who likes the idea of evil sexy mirror Tommy!)