Succubus AU info hub

AU outline and links to things related to the HLVRAI succubus AU

The short explanation: I was bored in work one day and my overcooked brain decided it would be hot if Gordon was a succubus. Then me and a few people worked backwards to figure out why.

The AU works on the "many cakes" principle - the idea itself isn't 'owned' by any one person. The more versions and variations the better! Go wild have fun and LIVE DELICIOUSLY. (Prinx - that's me - who thought of the idea first, would like however to request that no versions of the AU contain noncon, because that's not in the spirit of the AU.)

If you make a fanwork based on this idea I would love to see it! Message/@ me on Twitter or link back to me on Ao3. Let me know as well if you want it linked on this page, I would be happy to!

The longer explanation of the AU is that Gordon Freeman is a succubus/incubus/sex demon who needs to have sex to feed. A common detail is also that he became one from making a deal with a demon to pay for his degree. Sometimes the demon he made a deal with is a powerful demon version of Benrey. Personally I like the idea that Gordon was born human and became a demon later but like many details of this: you do you.

Barney wasn't originally involved at all (at least in my take on the AU) but at some point the idea of throwing him into the mix happened and then my extremely one-track mind decided it was an opportunity for more transformation kink and corruption kink.

One of the members of the HLVRAI discord contributed demon Benrey’s true name, Thulyn-Magyinbinya (Binya for short). He doesn't give Gordon his full name because names have power, but he talks Gordon into mentioning his (oops). In my take on the AU, the demons are actually more like eldritch beings/cosmic horrors from another dimension that happen to resemble what we think of as demons. (There's no religious element.) Benrey's true form is a mess of tentacles and floating eyes with a hidden "core". The core is kept in a pocket dimension of Benrey's own, it's the source of his power and energy and the only place he can be really hurt. He can take different forms as he likes, including a humanoid but still monster-ish "power saving" form or a human shape but he's pretty bad at the latter especially at the start. Uncanny valley, hurts to look at. "Benrey" is his humansona sdflkjs. (He got the name from Gordon mispronouncing Binya the first time they met.)

In keeping with the cosmic horror theme of the demons, as Gordon (or Barney in AUs where he also becomes a demon) becomes more powerful and confident as a demon as well as less attached to his human form, he can also get weird and "monstrous" with his form. It's a matter of having the imagination to think of the shape to take, and with practice Gordon can eventually imitate Benrey's floating eyes and tentacles look or brain hurting non-euclidian shapes. As a succubus he still has to consume sexual fluids for food, though.

Succ AU fics:

My “proof of concept” mini fic where Gordon sucks off the security team on Ao3

My mini fic in the demon Benrey AU Corruption timeline (Benrey convinces Gordon to seduce Barney) on Ao3

My longer Corruption timeline fic where Gordon seduces Barney into a demon deal and Barney becomes a succubus himself (but it’s fluffy corruption and transformation kink because Gordon and Barney love each other) on Ao3

Eggnog's Summoning 101 fic of how Gordon summons Benrey (and massively goofs up in the process) to try and save himself from college debt on Ao3 (this is also Gordon's backstory in my fics!!)

Eggnog's No Deal fic where Gordon rejects Benrey's deal to fuck Gordon in exchange for the money to pay for college, but Benrey worded it very specifically so he gets to take Gordon back with him to the demon realm as a human pet (no sex in this one) on Ao3

Anon's own version of the pet AU, inspired by Summoning 101 and the succ AU! Funko Pop fic where Binya takes human Gordon to the mall at Gordon's request, with some humiliation and Gordon wearing a collar on Ao3

Sequel to Funko Pop where Gordon considers whether he wants to stay human or become a demon on Ao3

Succ AU art:

Eggnog's demon Benrey offering Gordon a deal

Eggnog's drawing of succubus Gordon "lunchtime"

Eggnog's drawings of Gordon getting fucked by tentacles and turned into a demon (WOOHOO)

Eggnog's succ Gordon and demon Benrey sketch

Eggnog's art of Gordon and Barney's "corrupted" (full demon) forms

Prime's art of Benrey fucking Gordon

Anyone can ask to have art or fics put on this info page, provided they don't support 'pro-ship' ideals. So we're clear exactly what I mean when I mean 'pro-ship', I mean thinking it is permissable to post art/writing/etc online that contains incest, underage, bestiality, or rape, and is romanticising these topics or using them for the purpose of sexual gratification.