Darker and Edgier alien transformation AU

Chatlogs from discord.

People involved: Prinx (me), Eggnog (Ao3), Prime (Ao3, Twitter), A (Ao3), Cricket, After (Twitter), Alex (Twitter, Tumblr)

Summary (kind of):
Benrey helps Gordon grow his arm back after the betrayal by Benrey letting him drink his blood as an apology, and Gordon becomes one of Benrey's species from that and goes at least half feral for the rest of the Black Mesa incident. The stress combined with new senses and instincts is too much to process. Benrey kind of looks after/guides him and they fuck as well.

Prinx: Can I wheel back to a thought from 11pm last night

Benrey having weird dark shimmery blood that tastes sweet or something



Gordon forgets what he has on his hand, sticks a finger in his mouth and what the hell is that sweet taste- oh shit


Gordon liking the taste :wink:

Gordon feeling like a freak

Benrey simultaneously mocking and encouraging him

Benrey can just regenerate the blood

(Eggnog)  at 11:38

B- Benrey digging a claw into his neck

“C’mon, get to slurp in’ bro”

Prinx 11:39


Gordon being all "w-what, no, that's disgusting"

He's looking though, it's so unusual

Benrey digging in a claw, then spreading the blood on the pads of his fingers, pressing them to Gordon's lips

(Eggnog)  at 11:43

“C’mon bro- tastes good right? It’s ok, not gonna Judge ya for being a freak lol”

Prinx 11:48

Gordon opening his mouth a little - he's curious about the taste, he didn't get to figure out exactly what it's like, and Benrey is offering after all - and ending up sucking on Benrey's fingers because it's. Really good actually.

(Eggnog)  at 11:50

Maybe moaning a little around his fingers

Benrey internally going :ohgeez: but like acting all smug and shit on the outside

Prinx 11:54

Like when Benrey's fingers are in his mouth, he kind of forgets that it's Benrey's blood because it doesn't taste anything like blood. So he gets pretty into sucking on Benrey's fingers.

But Benrey is extremely aware it's his blood. His blood, that Gordon is licking up all eager.

(Eggnog)  at 11:58

Gordon so eager to have his blood inside him- makes him feel...

Prinx 11:59

Hello bloodplay my old friend :ohgeez: :ohgeez:


Little bit of possessiveness- like he’s claiming him from the inside

Prinx 12:00


I would probably include tf in that too. Tf via consuming Benrey's blood. :embarrassed:

(Eggnog)  at 12:03


That’s what I was thinking

Gordon finds himself craving that taste more and more-

Little weird but, uh, it’s fine, it’s normal

Prinx 12:06

This is basically vampire tf except with weird alien stuff 

But it's a classic for a reason

Gordon pulled back after sucking on Benrey's fingers but he's still thinking about it

Craving it a bit

Remembering it when he sees Benrey

(Eggnog)  at 12:08

Benrey sees him absentmindlessly licking his lips and smirks

“Thirsty huh?”

Prinx 12:09

"What? No??"

He is though.

And Benrey is basically offering more.

Would Benrey know it's got a transformative effect if Gordon drinks enough of it, or not know?

(Eggnog)  at 12:11

... for a bit of corruption element might be kind of hot if he knows idk

Watching Gordon want to taste more of his blood, so eager for it-who is he to deny him.

Prinx 12:11

Ok yes

Contagious but darker and bloodier

(Eggnog)  at 12:13

Gordon starts to notice the changes- but, it’s ok if he just has a little more right? It tastes so good, what harm can it do?

Prinx 12:13

Gordon growing in sharp teeth and claws literally while he's licking blood from Benrey's neck but he can't bring himself to stop

(Eggnog)  at 12:15

Maybe even starts to enjoy the changes- Benrey complementing him on then, lil bit of praise that feels so good, and now he can bite into Benrey to so much easier with his new sharp teeth so-

Biting down with those new teeth, and the gush of sweet blood he’s rewarded with-

Prinx 12:18

This is murdering me multiple times in a row

(Eggnog)  at 12:19

Benrey seeing Gordon change- hes doing this to him, and Gordon is letting it happen, letting himself be consumed by his own literal blood lust-

Prinx 12:20

It tastes so good, it's hard for Gordon to stop himself once he starts

(me putting down "Contagious darker and bloodier version" on my endless fic ideas list)

(Eggnog)  at 12:22

Hahah nice

Corruption element- Benrey goading him on

“It’s nice though, isn’t it?”

Gordon trying to justify his actions more and more,


Benrey all possessive and gleeful and deliberate about Gordon's changes, and Gordon struggling with sudden strong predatory instincts

Like seeing wild birds or pigeons and he just - he wants to hunt down and eat them, thinking Christ, Gordon what's wrong with you while fidgeting and trying to distract himself

What if this was post rescas but before the betrayal/Gordon's hand getting chopped off

Prinx 12:32

Benrey gets injured somehow and Gordon's like "what, that's what your blood looks like??" and dips a finger in it because the way light moves on the surface is strange, kind of examining it, scientific curiosity he tells himself, he holds the bit on his finger up to his face to look closer, and then smells the weird sweetness of it and before he realises what he's doing, he's licked it off his finger to taste

(Eggnog)  at 12:33

He’s disgusted with himself but-

It tasted so good

Prinx 12:34


That's when he starts eying up Benrey a bit, sort of at first just thinking it's super weird that his blood is like that, but when he's really looking at Benrey he starts to appreciate Benrey's appearance. Even if he's a bit annoying, scary sometimes.

Benrey is kind of "wha?" at Gordon staring at him so hard, he hasn't put it together yet because he wasn't paying close attention to Gordon examining the little bit of his blood. But the next time Benrey is hurt he sees Gordon's nostrils flare a bit at the smell, Gordon doesn't even notice he's doing it, swallowing a bit around the extra saliva he just started making for no apparent reason (or maybe Gordon asks what the weird sweet smell is).

And that's when Benrey gets the idea to offer his blood to Gordon.

(Ok this is too much with the corruption and bloodplay and tf kink, my brain is overheating, I really want to write it at some point)

(Eggnog)  at 12:41

It’s good shit tbf

Prinx 12:49

A real bad end corruption scenario maybe

Like after Gordon's arm gets cut off, Benrey feels bad, didn't know that was going to happen, seeks Gordon out in the trash compactor he was dumped into. If Gordon becomes more like Benrey he can grow the arm back -

Benrey putting a little scratch on his neck and Gordon nearly leaps on him because the blood craving is stronger when he's hurt. Biting in and drinking more and more of Benrey's blood until his arm grows back (but clawed and a strange colour) and Benrey pushes him off.

Gordon kind of forgiving him after that, maybe...

I'm thinking bottom Benrey for this fic. Getting off hard on being bitten, eventually Gordon fucking him as well. 

Also regarding "bad end" I mean maybe Gordon is really terribly hungry, having trouble keeping it together under the onslaught of new instincts, and he kind of lets Benrey direct him. Gordon on Benrey's side during the last boss battle. Trying to drive the rest of the science team away, telling them to just leave, go back and escape Black Mesa. Leave him and Benrey alone.

(Eggnog)  at 12:50

Hhhhhhhhhgh :froth:

Don’t need anybody else- he just needs Benrey Benrey Benrey

Out of his mind with hunger and all these new instincts, all these new senses-

As long as he’s focused on Benrey, it’s bearable

Benrey as his anchor, keeping him grounded

The only thing keeping him together


Of course it doesn't help that Bubby is blunt as fuck and insults Gordon somehow, maybe calling him a monster or something when he manages to reunite with them at last after they're all separated. Gordon is bloody (leftovers of Benrey's blood and then some from soldiers who attacked him) and looks wild, real feral appearance but trying his best to act normal (still wearing the HEV suit), his new right hand discoloured with wicked looking bestial claws and his left not too much better.

And then one of his team insulting him and saying the exact thing he feared.

(Eggnog)  at 13:36

And Benrey is always so gentle with him now- whispering praise and encouragements-

How could he not prefer his company over his “team” now?

Prinx 13:37

This is my exact thing for a corruption/bad end story

"Ssshh, man, 's okay. Your best friend Benrey is here. Don't need any of those other guys."

(Eggnog)  at 13:44

“Why don’t we stay in Xen... don’t need anyone else do we? No one to judge you- we just gotta scare them off, and we can be together.”

“Just follow my directions, don’t gotta think too hard about it, I know, all these new instincts, it’s hard to focus. Just gotta do what I say, it’s fine, it’s easier right?”

Hahah bad end TF with Gordon joining Benreys side

Prinx 14:02


(Eggnog)  at 14:02

They “win” and the science team retreat back to earth

Prinx 14:05

Honestly Gordon is just trying to scare them off

(Eggnog)  at 14:05

Yeah- he’s hurt that they think he’s a “monster” but he doesn’t wanna hurt them...

He just wants to be left alone with Benrey

Prinx 14:05

Bad ends are delicious but also sad

(Eggnog)  at 14:06

It’s not too sad- he’s happy with Benrey on Xen

Prinx 14:07

It's like sour candy

Feed me the pain salt



(Eggnog)  at 14:07

Pain salt

Prinx 14:08

It takes a while for Gordon to get control of himself, everything is very overwhelming

(Eggnog)  at 14:08

He can let his memories of earth fade away- he only needs Benrey, Xen is his home, how can he be sad he’s left it all behind, he’s so happy here with him

Prinx 14:10


Weird alien apex predator instincts also hitting very hard especially because his transformation was comparatively quick. All happening at once.

My man Gordon ambushes and cronches up a headcrab and then feels kind of sick over it

But Benrey's like "haha nice those things are annoying, cromch time"

Gordon is definitely a bunch more feral than Benrey at the start because Benrey has dealt with all of that his whole life

(Eggnog)  at 14:14

Haha what if- his memories blurring and getting confused- he- he was always like this, wasn’t he? Didn’t he used to be a.... no, that’s can’t be right. He can’t imagine ever being so... weak.

Prinx 14:15

Eggnog that's a murder attempt

(Eggnog)  at 14:15


Prinx 14:16

Gordon powertripping moments plus fuzzy memories of earth

Maybe - something about the atmosphere on Xen, the "air" - it dulls long term memories a bit, that's part of why it was important for the Black Mesa scientists to wear helmets while there.

(Eggnog)  at 14:20

Hhhhhhhh yes

Gordon suddenly realises he can’t remember something- something important but he doesn’t know what-

Panicking, Benrey gently soothing him

“It’s ok- didn’t matter that much anyway, right? Got all you need right here.”

But it’s fine- Gordon can make new memories, with Benrey.

But - Gordon and Benrey fucking, Benrey encouraging a semi feral Gordon to pin him down and bite his neck

(Eggnog)  at 14:31

“Go on- know you want to, you wanna pin me down, Mark me, make me yours-“

Prinx 14:32

I'm gonna say, trans Benrey or maybe Benrey with a slit and tentacle cock

"C'mon, Gordo, claim me. I wanna be youuuurs."

(Eggnog)  at 14:34

Marking him sounds so good to Gordon- wants to bite and nip at his neck, his- his- his.

Prinx 14:37

Benrey is so happy to be owned and claimed by Gordon, happy that Gordon is as possessive as he is now

Prinx 14:42

Gordon pinning Benrey to the ground, panting, looking at Benrey's face, looking for the go ahead, he needs Benrey so badly, but - he needs Benrey to want him too, he'd never do something Benrey doesn't want, never do anything Benrey doesn't invite him to do.

Benrey laughing - more like cackling - and grabbing Gordon's face and pulling him in for a hungry kiss. Afterwards saying "yes yes yes c'mon dick me down I need it shove your rod in my hole and make me scream" and yelping and moaning when Gordon bites into his shoulder.

Prinx 14:49

Gordon Feralman fucking Benrey absolutely silly and after he's come a few times, Gordon feels a bit more clearheaded

But Benrey looks so good with Gordon's cum leaking out of him, so Gordon feels pretty good about how hard he fucked Benrey

Prinx 14:50

The dynamic is very much "greedy bottom Benrey egging Gordon on to fuck him like a wild animal"

(Eggnog)  at 14:50

Hey Prime- Gordon not experienced with “mating” as an alien and stuff so- Benrey have to help guide him a little? Get used to his new alien junk? That sound any good?

AfterGayight 14:50

my favourite :swoon:

Prinx 14:51

Genital tf... Gordon with a slit and a tentacle cock

Prime 14:51

Egg omg :zoomeyes: :zoomeyes:

(Eggnog)  at 14:53

“Feels weird huh bro? Is alright, Benny Boy will teach ya how to fuck me right it’s ok, why don’t you play with it a bit huh? Feels good huh? All squirmy?”

Prime 14:54

Like thinking his slit can get all wet-

Dick curling around Benrey's hand

(Eggnog)  at 14:54

“Try to finger your slit a little too- feels warm and wet- bet it feels so good huh?”

Cricket 14:54

starts panting and whimpering pretty much immediately after starting to touch and explore

Prinx 14:55

Gordon jerking off, and it's so intense - he has to lean against Benrey, looking kind of dazed, and ah, his fingers slip down to his slit and it's twice as much

Prime 14:55

Benrey holding him close and stroking down his back

Cricket 14:55

previously cis gordon fingering the slit and wondering how he lived so long without this

(Eggnog)  at 14:56

“Haha wanna uh, fuck my mouth with your new tentacle cock?”

Prime 14:56

Make Benrey’s face all wet in his slick

Prinx 14:56

"Benrey, can you - I - touch me down there?" And pointing to his slit

(Eggnog)  at 14:57

Suck his dick and fingering his slit

Prime 14:57

eat him out a lil?

(Eggnog)  at 14:57

Ooooh yes

Feels so weird and strange- but so good.

Prime 14:57

Benrey long tongue

Cricket 14:57

gordon riding benreys face, tentacle slipping in and out of benreys mouth, benrey reaching up to pump his fingers in the slit

(Eggnog)  at 14:57

“See you’re a natural at this- already so wet for me”

Prinx 14:57

Gordon's back arching, feels different, but feels so good

Prime 14:58

Benreys tongue and Gordon's tentadick could curl around each other-

(Eggnog)  at 14:58


Prinx 14:58

happy screeching YES

(Eggnog)  at 14:58

“Like you were made for me bro-“

“Well- you kind of were I guess.”

Prime 14:59

Benrey letting Gordon fill their mouth, loving how much he moans

Prinx 15:00

It takes a while after Gordon discovers his slit before he can deal with how intense it feels to be touched there

Prime 15:01

Gordon wondering how Benrey's thicc cock would feel,,

(Eggnog)  at 15:01

“Wanna have a taste? Go on.”

Prinx 15:01

Benrey able to short circuit him entirely with two fingers

Cricket 15:01

gordons knees going weak when benrey so much as brushes a finger through the parting of flesh

Prime 15:02

Dripping all over his fingers

(Eggnog)  at 15:02

Tentacle cock and slits so- able to penetrate each other at the same time? Would that even work? Idk but it’s hot - chest to chest, their cocks curling around each other, rubbing against their slits

Prinx 15:04

Face sitting - Gordon's slit pressed right up against Benrey's mouth, rutting against his face, Benrey's tongue inside him. His clawed right hand digging into the ground, scratching grooves into mud and rock, and his more normal left hand jerking his tentacle cock frantically.

Prime 15:04

Gordon could put his dick inside while Benrey's wrapped around his....


Prinx 15:04

Coming all over Benrey's face

(Eggnog)  at 15:07

Oh and there’s always that fun thing- heats, and experiencing them for the first time

Prime 15:07


(Eggnog)  at 15:07

Gordon all needy and whiny, Benrey guiding him through it

Prinx 15:07

Gordon super needy and into getting eaten out, and getting Benrey to eat him out until Benrey's tongue gets tired

A 15:09

Imma just drop this here...shared heat

Prinx 15:09

More oral. Switching between getting eaten out and getting his cock sucked. Dragging Benrey up by his hair, demanding, and fucking Benrey's mouth.

Prime 15:10

Mouth fucking omggg

Damn shared heat

Pure horny

(Eggnog)  at 15:10

Benrey’s more used to it so he’s gotta try to keep his head clear to help guide Gordon through it, but just wanting to be fucked senseless at the same time

A 15:11

I mean I know we like one in some kind of control but just like, both going totally ham on each other, no thoughts just fucking

Cricket 15:11


Prinx 15:11

Pulling Benrey off when he gets off with his cock, and shoving Benrey down to lick him out some more while his own cum is still dribbling out of Benrey's mouth.

Prime 15:11


All of this ffffuuuck

Cricket 15:12

honestly thats an underrated (and more realistic) aspect of sex- sometimes youre just there, experiencing everything, no ones In Control, youre both just feeling good

Prinx 15:12

Benrey incredibly happy having his mouth used

Prime 15:12

Long experimenting so guuuuud

Prinx 15:14

It takes a while before Gordon gets enough used to his new junk to be able to think straight again

(Eggnog)  at 15:15

Just a squirming mess horny mess, rutting against Benrey mindlessly, Benrey hardly any better but someone has to be responsible here

Prinx 15:15

Awwww yeah heat stuff

Prime 15:16

They both mindlessly hump each other

Prinx 15:16

I was just talking about Gordon getting used to having a tentacle cock and slit

But heat time :3

Prime 15:16

Cum multiple times in their clothes before either can think enough to get nude

I love both!!!

(Eggnog)  at 15:16

It’s like having to get used to it all over again- hyper sensitive and needy

Prime 15:16

I'm listening to both!

I love overstimulation..

Prinx 15:17

Gordon leaving Benrey's face covered in cum and slick after humping his face

Benrey grinning all goofily

Prime 15:17

Gordon's taste lingering in his mouth

Cricket 15:18

What if being near hormones of another xennian is what really gets benreys goat, like he was horny before because he love gordon and Gordon sexy but NOW??? Forget about it

Prinx 15:19

In love AND in heat and a total horny loved up mess

(Eggnog)  at 15:19

Horny love core

Prinx 15:19

We came all the way back to horny love core

(Eggnog)  at 15:19

Being so in love and horny and needy and whiny and wanting to please them and wanting them to please you and-

Prinx 15:20

Sometimes the bad end becomes happy and horny after Gordon has forgotten his old life

It's meta bad end because he's left behind all his hopes and dreams to pound Benrey into the ground on Xen every day instead

A 15:22

Benrey smelling Gordons heat pheromones and not being ready that it'll send him into heat to cuz first time having an actual mate.

A 15:23

It just gut punching him into horny mode.

Prime 15:23

Benrey coming up behind Gordon, smelling of heat

Sending Gordon's own heat nuts

A 15:23

echo chamber of getting horny off each others smell

AfterGayight 15:24

how to become a puddle of cum with your mate in 5 easy steps

(Eggnog)  at 15:24

They end up a mess on the floor, rutting and writhing, barely able think about anything other than touching each other, getting closer, feeling good

Prinx 15:25

Benrey getting even hornier than his usual heats because he has a mate now, and he's NOT used to it

Prinx 15:26

How do we stop these dummies getting each other preganté. Maybe they're a species that can auto-abort/reabsorb if they don't wanna have offspring.

Gotta do funny rituals in the goop pools on Xen to get pregert

Prime 15:26

"Gordon make love to me so hard I cum love hearts!"

Prinx 15:27

Two horny idiots with zero self control

AfterGayight 15:27

i mean that is another way, maybe they just don't hatch if you don't have x y z conditions met

1. need heat

2. the dark

Prinx 15:28

Like Benrey was expecting to be guiding Gordon through his first heat

But Benrey's brain is absolutely melted

(Eggnog)  at 15:28

Have to take over and let instinct do the explaining

Prinx 15:29

Back to eggnog's idea about rutting together

A 15:30

I like the scissoring, lets them have eye contact like the lovestruck fools they are.

Prime 15:30

Holding hands while rubbing their dicks in each other's slits

Prinx 15:31

Kissing, grinding against each other

(Eggnog)  at 15:31

Yessss scissoring, rubbing their slits and cocks together, eyes watching each other’s faces

A 15:31

Watching how good they make each other feel

Prime 15:31

Their legs dripping in each other's slick

(Eggnog)  at 15:31

In love with each other’s expressions, moaning, gasping

Prinx 15:31

Cocks twining together and then apart to find the other's eager dripping slit

A 15:32

wet noises of flesh meeting flesh echoing through out the empty space of Xen

Prinx 15:32

Pressing close enough for their chests to brush, needing to be closer, closer

Prime 15:32

Probably have a sloppy make out


Prinx 15:33

Many many very sloppy makeouts

Prinx 15:34

.........deepthroating Benrey's tongue

A 15:34

tongues mirroring what their cocks does

Prime 15:34


Gets drool everywhere

(Eggnog)  at 15:35

Need to be touching- need to touch more and more.

Prime 15:35

Yeah Prinx stuff like that 


A 15:35

Do they also knot each other?

Prime 15:35

Depends who's hc we're in

Prinx 15:35

Let :clap: them :clap: knot :clap:

The hc is being very horny

Whatever is the horniest

(Eggnog)  at 15:36

Yes, knotting in each other so they’re stuck together, panting out of breath after they came inside each other, slits dripping

A 15:36

Benrey's definatly going to do a "tying the knot" joke when his horny brain clears up

A 15:36

"Dude we're married now, tied the knot and everything"

Prime 15:37

FFS they so would

Prinx 15:37

Depends how out of it Gordon is whether he says "ok" or "Benrey I cannot believe this" and wheezing out a laugh

(Eggnog)  at 15:38

Exhausted wheezing, giggling

Prime 15:38

Gordon properly proposes while they're stuck together lol

A 15:38

I like "ok" and Benrey doing a mental keysmash because he was joking but is it like real now?

(Eggnog)  at 15:38

“Uh wanna get married for real? Is there like, a Xen ceremony we can do?”

Prinx 15:50

I'm thinking about Gordon's memories of earth getting gradually hazier and more vague :froth:

(Eggnog)  at 15:50

Yeah- sometimes it’s like a half remembered dream

He’ll wake up and forget that he wasn’t alway one of Benrey species- forget he was ever human

Prinx 15:52

Sometimes he wonders - what it would be like to go those places that seem somehow familiar but so vague

It's hard to believe that he was ever weak and vulnerable like that

(Eggnog)  at 15:54

Benrey a little pleased in a twisted kind of way- he’s possessive, he’s glad that Gordon can only remember him clearly.

Prinx 15:56

Possessive and fond, Gordon is his his his

A 15:56

You know when you see, hear or smell something and you get that vague familiarity but can't place where it's from...that

Benrey has to work hard on distracting Gordon when he gets a certain distant look in his eyes...

Prinx 15:57


making sure that Gordon can't think too hard about it

don't want him getting upset -

A 15:58

Sad Gordon is not fun

(Eggnog)  at 15:58

Pulling him towards him to kiss, distract him, make him feel good

A 15:59

Trying to overwrite every vague sensation that can remind Gordon of earth with memories of him

Gordon smelling something and saying it smells familiar, Benrey's there, rubbing up against Gordon, getting his scent all over him

(Eggnog)  at 16:01

“Don’t think about that stuff... just think about me-“

Prinx 16:02

Nuzzling and kissing him, running hands over his sides

A 16:02

Kissing him so that he can only taste Benrey and nothing else

Maybe that's why a shared heat is extra special for Benrey, Gordon is focusing on only him, nothing else can distract him and that's a bit of a relief for Benrey

Prinx 16:05

Back to the blood stuff Benrey pricking his own skin with his claws, leading Gordon to lick at his blood, the sweet scent too much for Gordon to resist

(Eggnog)  at 16:06

Foolproof way to distract him- he can never resist that

Prinx 16:06

Ahhh, the shared heat maybe does a lot to overwrite Gordon's old memories :embarrassed:

(Eggnog)  at 16:06



A 16:06

Is the blood maybe a bit addictive for Gordon?

Prinx 16:07


(Eggnog)  at 16:07

It’s like- when you have a craving.

Prinx 16:07

He doesn't get withdrawal, it's more like, here's your favourite food.

(Eggnog)  at 16:08

When you crave a candy or snack you really like

And all you can thinking about is eating it

Prinx 16:08

Benrey: haha I'm a snacc

A 16:09

But I can see Gordon going to Benrey, nuzzling and nibbling on his neck to get some of that sweet sweet blood

Prinx 16:10

Literally sweet! Weird alien blood.

(Eggnog)  at 16:10

Instead of asking just starts gently nibbling and whining

Until Benrey tells him to go ahead

Prinx 16:11

Gordon leaving lots of hickies

(Eggnog)  at 16:11

Ok what about

thigh biting too

Prinx 16:12

Benrey jolting a little bit with each bite, breathing heavily, stroking Gordon's hair

(Eggnog)  at 16:13

Feeling Benreys cock twitch next to him as he bites down

Prinx 16:16

Gordon licking Benrey's thighs clean, moving closer and closer to Benrey's cock, little nips, soothing licks after, until he reaches the base of Benrey's cock and then curls his tongue around it.

(Eggnog)  at 16:18

Benrey being teased for so long, let’s out a sharp gasp once he finally gets his mouth on his cock

Prinx 16:26


AfterGayight 16:27


(Eggnog)  at 16:28


You know what’s good


Prinx 16:28

I dunno about wings but heck, why not

(Eggnog)  at 16:28

I just like wings

Especially if it’s a little painful, feeling them burst out of your back,

Prinx 16:30

But Gordon growing back a hand after the betrayal and it getting cut off - Benrey letting Gordon drink his blood to gain the ability to heal as a way to apologise, he didn't know that was going to happen.

Gordon's hand growing back with mean-looking sharp claws :zoomeyes:

Like he gets claws on his left hand too but not so big and sharp

Right hand "monster" looking hand

It takes a bit to get used to the claws but then it feels properly like his own

AuburnYesterday at 16:32

Fuck a minigun, I'd rather have a cool claw hand.

(Eggnog)  at 16:35

Plus, wave of new instincts, can’t help but rely on Benrey- feels so lost

Prinx 16:35

This was in gore chat but Gordon going kind of feral from overwhelming new instincts, and the stress of everything that happened after the rescas, and the army still after him. Letting his survival instinct take over and ambushing soldiers one by one with his new fangs and claws. Once the threat is gone enough for him to calm down, he's soaked in blood and the last few minutes or even hours are a bit of a blur.

AuburnYesterday at 16:37

Benrey vc: oh damn that's hot

Prinx 16:37

Ohhh, maybe he and Benrey got separated at some point after Gordon grew the claw hand

Gordon only calming down after Benrey finds him and uses the sweet voice and reassures him

A 16:38

Benrey wanting him to touch him with the new clawed hand

Prinx 16:38

He's still standing upright and wearing the HEV suit and all

A 16:39

Maybe provokes Gordon a bit to get a punch/slap, wanna try out how those claws feel

(Eggnog)  at 16:40

Gently grabbing his new arm to look at and touch, intertwining his fingers with his new clawed ones

A 16:41

Hand beans!

Still soft because they haven't hardened by running on hard ground

like a kitty!

(Eggnog)  at 16:42

.... if the claws retract a bit... squish to see them claws

A 16:42


Prinx 16:42

Maybe Benrey's species has a human-ish form and a more monstrous form to switch to, with the wings and claws

Retractable claws!

(Eggnog)  at 16:43

Doesn’t HAVE to have wings- I just like wings lol

Prinx 16:43

They can have wings!

(Eggnog)  at 16:44

They don’t gotta be functional- for like, uh presenting and shit

Little claws on them- can be used to grip things

Prinx 16:45

Wings good enough for gliding and with claws like a Hoatzin

Except wicked sharp and used for fighting as well

Plus wings also used for presenting/displays?

Prinx 16:56


Me pulling out pictures of hoatzins and flying squirrels: ok so something in between these for a wing but with Bigg claws

The "wings" are maybe more like secondary arms with a fleshy membrane connecting them all the way down to the upper leg. (So left wing and left leg are connected.)

Prinx 17:36

I have been holding up the kinky chat for hours so I should release it for somebody else soon

But. Switching between forms for Benrey's species (human like to winged monster)  in this AU being a really visceral experience which is pleasurable-painful. 

Less like something that flows (the way noodle Benrey does) and more like meat stretching and growing and regrowing.

Painful tf and horny tf combo

Alex 17:52

ok so gordon transforming for benreys blood right? but what if bc benreys like. a shapeshifter species he has a true form

and gordon starts turning into that form bc its basically the default

and he like. the combinatikn of more predatory instincts and everything, the slow growth of new bones and different skin textures

(Eggnog)  at 17:52

Hhhhhhhghhggg ye

Prinx 17:53


Alex 17:53

maybe its not super visible at first but when they get to xen it all comes to a head

benrey guiding gordon through the transformation in the Boss Room

and benreys true form is BIG.

Prinx 17:54

Or maybe getting to Xen sort of triggering Gordon's transformation into the "monster" form. :ohgeez: but don't lemme interrupt

Nico 17:54

(id like if the scienece team were there to witness in awe and horror haha jk)

Alex 17:54

gordons is very much smaller, like hes young ans immature but benreys voice is just echoing in the chamber, comforting him and hiving little instructions on how to just let go and become what he really is


what the point in this Beautiful display if theres no one there to witness in Horror?

(Eggnog)  at 17:55


Prinx 17:55

Like Gordon doubling over

(Emeto warn) 

vomiting up the remains of his old red blood

Alex 17:55


and ok normally emeto isnt my thing but. thats just. cool sounding and i Like it

the loud crack of bones and sinew and this sound, like a scream but excited and happy, joyful, becoming more animal sounding

Prinx 17:56

I'm not into it but I'm into the visual of Oh No there goes his human blood he's something Else now

Alex 17:56

no no i get that

Nico 17:56

body: u don't need this anymore. YEET

ugh monsters tf is so good hhh :froth:

(Eggnog)  at 17:57

I’m not into vom- unless it’s like blood or mystery black bile or alien stuff lol

Bones cracking, skin stretching and tearing

Alex 17:57

maybe at first they all get to the boss area and benrey just BAM turns into his true form and the teams like [oh shit]

but then gordon doubles over and benreys voice comes out so Loud and ots telling him to let go, stop holding back. you know what youre supposed to be

Alex 17:58

and gordons hev suit is groaning at the seams, the awful sound of metal and skin ripping apart together

Alex 17:59

and bubby Regrets calling gordon a monster that day

Prinx 17:59

Edgy but imagine Gordon finishing his transformation and snarling out a "you wanted to see a monster?" at the science team

Alex 18:00

when theyre still at black mesa. gordon just. hearing gunshots after he had his arm cutoff then grown back and its monstrous, team has been united

and he just. suddenly gets on all fours, and RUNS towards the military, screeching, maybe transforming a bit before the lights smash and its all dark, except for the sound of human screeches and terrified screams and wet noises

and then gordon comes to some time after, feeling gross stuff in his mouth, like stringy meat between his teeth

and his teeth.... are so SHARP

his hev suit looks like its a little loose too, like something too big tried to fit in it

(Eggnog)  at 18:03

Plating coming apart- dented... but from the inside?

Alex 18:03

also,,,,,, prinx thats so cool

also consider: gordon doesnt know hoe to speak in this new body bc his mouth is literally a maw and so he just makes this garbled noise at the group


egg exactly

Prinx 18:04

Still enough to be understandable, but distorted

Alex 18:05

also consider: while transforming he lets out a long continuous  human scream that turns monstrous

Prinx 18:06


also the science team won't actually be hurt, Gordon and Benrey are scaring them away

(Eggnog)  at 18:07

Throat ripping and tearing- scream becoming less and less human sounding, more beast like

Prinx 18:07

Maybe subtly hunting them towards a portal that will dump them back on earth

Alex 18:07

arms lengthen, claws grow, and more and more and more eyes and how could he see before this, hes sees EVERYTHING, feeling the new bones that had been hidden im his back rip through the skin and PUSH at the suit, right at the dents from earlier

and in the back of his mind maybe he registers this hurts a bit, but all he feels is his heart beating fast, adrenaline and this hidden excitement, a feeling of something finally righting itself

he has jaws below jaws, spikes, and his skin is transparent, showing the oily inky black fesh below, hair becoming like spikes and needles down his spine

im just describing this cool image i have in my head for what gordon is hvhshcbsnf

(Eggnog)  at 18:09

Feels like stretching out- he’s been so cramped so uncomfortable, this new shape is so much more... right

Alex 18:10

and yeeaaaa chasing them through tunnels maybe getting some satisfaction seeing the fear in their eyes when they turn back to look at him, even if hes not actually gonna hurt them

and benrey? hes not even chasing after, just near gordon and encouraging them to "get out of here, man", casual and monotone speak coming from a monster

maybe also giving suggestions for what gordon should do next

(Eggnog)  at 18:11

Nudging Gordon, telling him how good he’s doing

Prinx 18:11

Gordon getting a weird high from it. He's so strong, and the other three are running away scared.

(Eggnog)  at 18:11

Just follow your instincts- do what feels right Gordon- is nice right?

Alex 18:12


(is this hitting the corruption part for u prinx?)

Prinx 18:12

I love Benrey's monotone bored gamer voice coming from big scary monster



Alex 18:12


Prinx 18:13

Bless u for real Alex

I'm in combo tf and corruption kink heaven.

Alex 18:13

tbh for benrey im just imagining what he looked like in the one fic, humaan resources i think? that one

(Eggnog)  at 18:13

When they finally scare them away, Benrey curls around him, nuzzling against him, praising him

Alex 18:13

i love playing into peoples kinks so im glad you like it prinx fhshgfhd

ooh ooh yes

gordon happily leaning into it, even if some of his spines pierce benrey it doesnt hurt him at all

tbh gordons riding the high of transforming hes like an over enthusiastic puppy the whole time hes chasing the science team

just a very, very scary one

(Eggnog)  at 18:14

Maybe Gordon’s a little sad, they were his friends- even if they treated him like a monster. Benrey licking his tears away

Prinx 18:15

Yeah, yeah. Gordon being sad too, getting spoken about like that hurt.

(Eggnog)  at 18:16

Mix of happy and excited and sad all at once

Alex 18:16

awww yea

gordon doesnt want to be scary to his friends,,,

well he does, but not too much

hh sad wails as he sees the team reaching a portal, makes them hesitate a bit

(Eggnog)  at 18:16


“It’s ok- you don’t need them. You have me”

Alex 18:17

what if..... benrey reassuring gordon that they can visit them team anytime theyd want

Prinx 18:17

I dunno, it feels maybe a bit mean cos, are the science team gonna want to see him again?

I mean

I know the idea is Gordon will forget

But I feel a tiny bit bad

(Eggnog)  at 18:18


Alex 18:18

maybe he forgets a lot, but retains enough that he knows he has friends and he wants to see em sometimes

just is.... missing details about them

(Eggnog)  at 18:19

“Why haven’t they come to see me again-? There was a reason...”

Alex 18:19

or maybe in this idea gordon doesnt really forget? just has a lot more... knowledge and stuff that some memories are compartmentalized more so bc i like the idea of eldritch stuff and Knowing More

Prinx 18:19

(screaming oh no I'm sad)

Alex 18:20

awwwwww poor gordon...... egg i love that

Prinx 18:20

I'm attached to the forgetting but you do you honestly

(Eggnog)  at 18:20

I think the hazy memories is just, idk makes me :froth:

Alex 18:21

i like the idea of forgetting, but not too much, you know? enough to keep it there but... hazy yea exactly egg

im just throwin in ideas and seeing what sticks!

(Eggnog)  at 18:22

I mean-

Alex 18:22

(also consider the funny scene of

gordon: popping into earth behind the science team "Hello!!"

science team: A-)

Prinx 18:22

That's valid. I like corruption but I don't like feeling sad. :sweat_smile:

(Gordon: why didn't you come visit me, guys? I missed you.)

(Eggnog)  at 18:23

Assuming his body is being replaced so there’s less and less of “him”, his memories getting muddled- his brain got altered too, and there only so much he could retain right?

Idk trying to think of why his memories get hazy

Idk lol

Alex 18:24

o yea another detail i wanna get out: while chasing down the science team, benrey giving directions to gordon (maybe through a kind of psychic connection?) on ways to ambush them, different passages to pop out of, slowly guiding them to the correct area by chasing them down it

(Eggnog)  at 18:24


Teaching him how to hunt

Prinx 18:25

Maybe making calls and screeches that only Gordon understands

Alex 18:25



gordon screeching back,,

sounds like theyre just being scary to anyone who cant understand them

Prinx 18:26

Tapping into the instincts that are guiding Gordon, and filling in on guiding him through the bits he hasn't gotten the hang of yet

Alex 18:26


gordons a lil overhwelmed, after all. so many new Senses and feelings, maybe a little bit of oversensitivity bc its so much at once! tripping over himself a little bit as he RUNS after the prey his friends

also: the team running into a tunnel just fast enough to avoid gordon snapping them up (or so they think), gordon trying to fit his head into the tunnel, jaws snapping, scrabling at the ground

o also: the image i have in my head is gordon has the main maw/face, but has jaws lining his head and down his neck

like this but the spines/flower petal looking things are jaws with teeth facing towards the nevk:


and also the spine points are the opposite direction

Prinx 18:33

What about spikes that can be raised or lowered depending on how he feels

Like raised when threatened or hunting, smooth when calm

Alex 18:34

ohoho wait!!! what if. when gordon first transforms the science team tries to fight them for a bit before deciding to run.....

and benreys like "nah dont do that shit" and does something so fucking. scary they bolt

and then benrey leans down to gordon and says "go." and BOOM off gordon goes

(Eggnog)  at 18:34


Alex 18:35

and yes i love that prinx

all the spines on his back raised up, like a porcupine, while spines on his neck spike out and... oh. those are teeth. OH. THOSE ARE JAWS

Prinx 18:39

Maybe halfway between the monster you posted, Alex, and a bat monster (like I said with the clawed "wings" for gliding that have a fleshy membrane connecting the front "wing" to the back leg)

Alex 18:39


and ooo yes i liek that prinx!!

Prinx 18:39

Ambush predator climbing up high and gliding down :3

Alex 18:41

maybe he still has four legs, still sticking generally to what he knows, typical animal anatomy but all... combines together with the wrong animals

and benreys straigh up this huge, long, monster

jaw splits four ways, many limbed, tail? tails? tendrils?

maybe boney protrusions also,,, bringing the skeleton motifs

also im imagining gordon doesnt have a tail, i dunno,

just seems fitting

anyways id also love to hear any ideas for scenes or things that would happen while still at black mesa, before heading to xen

little hints towards gordon becoming more and more inhuman, maybe getting scared of his changes, upset at the way the team look at him with fear in their eyes

but then maybe.... coming to like the changes. revel in how powerful and safe they make him feel, because is it so bad to like finally being stronger than the enemies theyre facing? maybe even to enjoy the fear he causes in the enemies?

and these thoughts are influenced by benrey comforting him, mixed in with the ideas that hey its not bad, right? why feel guilty all the time?

gonna move some thoughts over to kinky bc Uh Oh-

Prinx 19:41

Alex Yes

"but then maybe.... coming to like the changes. revel in how powerful and safe they make him feel, because is it so bad to like finally being stronger than the enemies theyre facing? maybe even to enjoy the fear he causes in the enemies?" Double Yes

Alex 19:56

,,, gordon using guns less, his body more,, first just tackling people, running after them, using his crowbar and throwing punches

but then his clawed hands, swiping, close enough to get cloody

then his mouth, all sharp teeth, tearing chunks out of people and tasting blood

(Eggnog)  at 19:57


Prinx 19:58


Switching from the guns to the crowbar because - he likes the chase and the impact, okay - and then it turns into swinging the crowbar for the shock/blunt impact and laying into the enemy with his sharp claws

Alex 19:59

sometimes he whips towards the science team when they call out for him, after all of their enemies defeated, still wrapped uo in the new predatory instincts

hh yesss

trying to justify why hes getting so close and personal even if its more dangerous

"we got the drop on them that time, it was faster!" "dont wanna use up too much ammo"

Prinx 20:00

He does get really good at getting the drop on an enemy and laying ambushes

Alex 20:01

it slowly becomes harder to find a reason why as he resorts to more personal ways of dealing with the enemies they encounter, to himself and the team

bubby calls him a monster when they find that hes slashed the throat of a soldier

(Eggnog)  at 20:01

“What are you, some kind of freak?”

Nico 20:01

* is killed *

Alex 20:01

but he doesnt stop, even if that hurts

because benreys right there to reassure him, let him lick a little more blood from him


Prinx 20:03

How about gives Gordon slit pupils like a cat or lizard (not really gory lmao, but, his pupils going to little slits behind his glasses when Bubby calls him out)

(Eggnog)  at 20:03

Makes him stop talking to the science team as much- Benrey reassures him, tells he’s fine, he’s not a freak-

Alex 20:03


hhhh his pupils normally being round but right then they contract to pinpricks

Prinx 20:04

Tommy is concerned, okay - Mr Freeman, are you feeling alright? 

But also annoyed when Gordon is very brusque with him, calls him Tommy and tells him to stay out of Gordon's business, he's fine okay, he's fine.

(Eggnog)  at 20:05

Tommy is Benreys friend too so- concerned that the two of them seem to be closing themselves off

Alex 20:05

the scent of blood is still too fresh, he feels like he cant be near the rest of the team because the adrenaline still pumps in his blood

Prinx 20:05

Gordon kind of snapping at Tommy and then apologising, look, he didn't mean it that way

It's just the stress and the whole situation is getting to him, yeah

Gordon making up 100 justifications a second

(Eggnog)  at 20:06

Bubby insults him again and he growls

Alex 20:07

yeah, just the stress! maybe this is a way to cope, theyre the ones that got his arm cut off, alright? cant he be a little justified

HHH YEA just a deep growl from within his chest

and theres human sounding growls, and growls that arent human sounding at all, and gordons falls in the latter

hhhhhh them being in a dark room, and gordon being confused when they say they cant see because he cant see them perfectly fine, and they look over and all they see are his eyes

Prinx 20:08

Gordon growls, and then Coomer is stepping in between Gordon and Bubby and being serious - a rare moment - and telling Gordon not to lay a finger on him (Bubby complaining that he doesn't need to be protected)

"If you do anything to hurt Tommy or Bubby I'm afraid I'll have to beat you to death with my fists, Gordon! That would make me very sad!"

(Eggnog)  at 20:09

“Why would you need to protect him HE’S the one who got my arm cut off”

“Uh- so- so did Benrey Mr Freem-“

“No, he gave me my arm back, it’s more than what he fucking did!”

Prinx 20:10

("And he didn't even apologise properly, unlike Benrey")

Alex 20:10

maybe that jolts gordon back to reality a bit, a sick feeling in his stomach, throat closing up a bit bc hes drifting further from the team and coomer felt like he had to protect bubby from him

theyre all on the same side still! hes fighting for all of them! he wasnt ever going to hurt bubby, hes allowed to be upset when bubby calls him a freak

Prinx 20:10


Yes to both of you

Like Bubby was out of order, yeah, but also it hurts Gordon because Coomer would side with Bubby over him

Alex 20:12

tears burning at his eyes, a combination of being upset and feeling justifiably mad

feeling like hes being backed into a corner

and yeeaaaaa

coomer, who seems like hes been mostly on gordons side, even if he messes with him and sometimes doesnt take him seriously

and now, he seems to be taking him seriously, but as what? an enemy?

Prinx 20:14

I wanna draw... half feral bloody Gordon with crowbar and claws [note: and then I did]

Alex 20:14

looking back and forth between the science teams eyes, all on him. seeing apprehension, defensiveness, fear?

an inhuman whine ripping out of his throat before he stops it and turns away to cough out a explanation that hes gonna go "cool off" before darting into a room

and ooooooooohhh id Love to see it

into a room, where soon he hears the door open, and his one true staunch ally shows up, one that doesnt see him as a monster

his best friend benny boy

Alex 20:20

me, with anything: does a gay little dance haha what if i made it Sad

[but then later happy again bc i cant handle hurt no comfort]

AfterGayight 20:22

hurt no comfort


Alex 20:24

like haha what if,,, after gordon and benrey chased the science team of xen and a little whike has passed and gordon shows up on earth

and maybe the science team is, unstandably, fucking scared

but then gordon shows hes harmless and is maybe missing some memories, little details

and hes just sad because theyre supposed to be friends right? a team? he just wanted to see his friends again

Alex 18:55

ok so. transformed gordon and benrey but bc all the things gordons feeling are really amplified and new maybe when he gets aroused its almost overhwelming, but benreys right there for him and cooing at him and making him feel good all over

each of the jaws gordon has licking wherever they can as benrey holds him in many arms,

all of their many eyes just focused on each other

they may be monsters but they still be fuckin soft and sweet ok!

(Eggnog)  at 18:57


Gripping him with his spines-teeth, feels nice to hold onto him, and be held

Alex 19:02


just being pet, hands and tendrils smpothing down gordons sides and his skin is sensitive, a cacophany of noises coming from his mouths

maybe his new limbs ache a bit, so benreys massaging them, kneading along newly formed muscles

and then discovers the membrane of his wings are sensitive

just coaxing gordon to spread them all the way out, lightly brushing along them

(Eggnog)  at 19:07

... licking them

AuburnYesterday at 19:07

popping in to say how much I love that wing detail, fullspread wings so a partner can get at them fully is very good

(Eggnog)  at 19:07

Tongue dragging against the sensitive skin/membrane

Alex 19:18

hhhh good

(oh yea also this is a continued idea from gore involving tf, bc some of it was a bit too much for kinky, for those who may want context)

and yeaaa, making gordon fully spread his wings and hold them open so benrey can get at them, tongue rasping along them and gordon letting out a strangled noise from his main mouth but unable to stop the full noise from escaping the others

,,,,, i also liked the idea earlier that it was cis gordon who got a tentacle cock and slit and just feeling so sensitive and it feels weird but good

just unable to control how much slick hes making and his dick as it moves against benreys bulk

and benreys still so much bigger than him, holding him up off the ground and just happily rumbling

(Eggnog)  at 19:23


Alex 19:25

benreys just so... fully in control, able to do as he pleases and can hold gordon so easily as he squirms a bit, gordons claw like hands just grasping whatever he can as one of benreys hands comes up and brushed a thumb across his dick and slit, acting like its gonna push in

benreys gaze feels so heavy, eyes watching his face, many others watching how he shudders and tries to move against benreys thumb, which is around the sane size as his dick

(Eggnog)  at 19:28

You’re gonna kill me

Alex 19:36

my brain empty........ h

i may continue this thread of thought later

(Eggnog)  at 19:37

Gordon curling his wings against him, clawing at him, trying to buck into that finger

But Benrey holds him still and smirks, eyes focused on Gordon’s little squirms

Prinx 19:40

I come back and I die in a good way

Alex 19:43

hh benrey just holding him just a little tighter, not enough to hurt but enough to show how strong he is, how much more powerful he is even after gordon became something close to what he is

sending him the message to stop moving

gordon lets out this broken moan but stills, shaking, and benrey rewards him by grinding his thumb down hardser, acting like hes gonna dip it in, even though its almost too big

(Eggnog)  at 19:45

“Wanna take charge so much, feel free once you’re stronger-“

Little gentle nips, not enough to break skin, but make him moan

Alex 19:46

some of gordons jaws are just drooling bc he doesnt know how to control all them conciously yet

Prinx 19:51

Amazing, incredible.

I was thinking of needy bottom Benrey but for the time being, perhaps Benrey lets Gordon take charge more when they're in human-ish form. In monster form on the other hand it's more Benrey showing him the ropes, encouraging Gordon on to embrace it, enjoy it, get stronger. And looking forward to when Gordon is the right size to pin him down.

Alex 19:51

yeeeeaaa nice

gordon in human form is just the same level of sensitivity and excitement but now he actually has the ability to go toe to toe with benrey

maybe at first in monster form gordon tries to wrestle for some control,,

(Eggnog)  at 19:53

He’s too inexperienced- still too small compared to Benrey, needs to get stronger before he has a chance

Alex 19:53

maybe just darting around, trying to bite benrey from behind, catch him off guard, and benreys gotta show him that hes not strong enough just yet in while theyre both like that

yea yea

Prinx 19:55

So good

Alex 19:57

gordon still bites when benreys limbs get too close to his teeth, gotta show him hes still raring to go, takw any advantage he has

plus hes still addicted to the taste and smell of benreys blood

[not into the blood part but still!!! consistency]

Prinx 19:59

I respect your commitment to consistency

(Eggnog)  at 19:59

Being pinned so casually under one claw- struggling and kicking and squirming, pressing down on him a little harder, a low growl as a warning for him to settle down and stop already

Prinx 20:01

Benrey telling Gordon to "fuckin behave, man"

Alex 20:03

gordons fighting back while also grinding up into the finger, panting

[Later, discussion of Gordon fucking Benrey]

Feral Gordon pinning Benrey down, panting, his hair after getting lose from his ponytail and hanging down over his face, growling out a gravelly "Benrey" but waiting for Benrey's word to go ahead and rut against him and crush their lips together

Ahh, Gordon struggling to undo the HEV suit to get out of it - or at least the plating around the crotch - so he can fuck Benrey

He knows how to do it, he's just - getting frustrated, claws scrabbling at the front of it because he's too desperate to think through the process

"Sshh, it's cool, man, let best friend Benrey do that for you."

Gordon going "thank you thank you thank you" as Benrey undoes the latches on the HEV suit to free his cock.

Prime 10:54

does he air hump while Benrey removes it?

Prinx 10:59

Yes! He was already moving his hips back and forth in a futile attempt for stimulation while still stuck in the suit.

Prime 10:59

"Yo your dick out."

Prinx 11:00

Gordon outright growling at that, Benrey laughs.

"C'mon and fuck me bro. Give it to me hard."

Prime 11:01

oh he gonna get it-

Prinx 11:05

Gordon doesn't need to be told twice once he has permission. Pulling down Benrey's pants so abruptly he almost tears them apart - some rips left in the fabric.

Prime 11:05

not that Benrey cares-

Prinx 11:14

Benrey is already slick and wet when Gordon runs the thumb of his left hand along Benrey's slit. A bit surprised at the tentacle curling up where he'd expect a clit, but - it's good. He's half out of his mind desperate anyway.

Seeing Benrey is wet enough he pushes his cock straight in, all the way to the hilt. Benrey takes him easily, whining and letting his eyes go half-lidded.

"Hhh, fuck, feels good. Gordon's cock review five stars."

"Shut up, Benrey," Gordon says, sounding more like himself than he has in minutes, before taking a shaky breath and starting to thrust. A little of that lucidity leaving him again as fucking Benrey starts to get to him. Still aware but guided more by instinct now, needing to fill and claim Benrey as his.

Gordon speeding up until he's pounding Benrey hard, Benrey holding on with arms around his shoulders and moaning.

Gordon buries his face in Benrey's neck, kissing, licking, and finally biting down to mark Benrey, and oh. Benrey's blood. It tastes as good as he remembers. Gordon's moan is muffled by pressing his open mouth to Benrey's neck.

"Fuck - hh - fuck yes, man. You're so hh. Hot like this." Benrey is holding on tight as Gordon fucks him hard, biting and licking all along his shoulders, half wild. "Bet it - bet it feels all good being strong, yeah?"

Gordon huffs out a breath. He's listening.

"Nobody gonna be hurting you ever again. Just feeling good." Gordon gives a particularly deep thrust and Benrey breaks off speaking with an "ah!" His tentacle cock is trapped between their stomachs, rubbing against the hard surface of the HEV suit.

"Bet it, hhggg, bet. Bet it was, fffuck, fun scaring the bootboys as well. Before hhhh-hunting them doooooown."

Gordon lets out a whine, head spinning from fucking Benrey and from the awful little lurch in his stomach at Benrey's words. He's too wrecked to disagree with Benrey, but the thing is, he's right. Gordon is enjoying the way he is now.

Being powerful like this is a rush.

(Eggnog) LeggnogToday at 11:49

“You’re so perfect like this- so fucking hot- can shut me up so easily too-“

Prime 11:52

Benrey getting pounded and STILL talks is just hhhh so good

Prinx 11:55

Gordon takes that as a cue, kissing Benrey and shoving his tongue in Benrey's mouth. The strange sweet taste of Benrey's blood mingles with the taste of their mouths together, Gordon's tongue still coated from biting and licking at him.

It's too hard to think right now, Gordon doesn't want to. Especially not when Benrey is gushing about him acting like a wild beast. It's too much for his head to take. He fucks into Benrey's wet cunt and kisses him deep. No thoughts, only sensation.

(We're in corruption kink country now, friends. Reminder that Gordon is a heinous mess from hunting after and murdering some of the military with a crowbar and his claws.)

(Benrey is Into It.)

(Eggnog) 13:17

I love the imagery of Gordon scrabbling at the hev suit desperate to get it off so he can fuck Benrey, whining pitifully because his lust filled brain cant figure out how to unlatch it

Prinx 15:24

Gleeful bottom Benrey x wild half-feral top Gordon

Prinx 15:32

It's very important to me that Gordon still looks for/waits for consent!!

If Benrey said no, Gordon would just grind against his own hand (or pathetically rut against the corner of a table or something if still stuck in the suit) and whine and deal with it by himself until his head clears enough to be able to do anything else.

(I figure the lead up to the scene where Gordon is struggling with the suit was Benrey teasing him somehow and that's why Gordon ended up getting horny.)

(Eggnog) 15:34

Just whining, near begging to fuck him- Benrey almost wants to say no just to see Gordon whine so pitifully, and rut against his hand, but nah, he definitely wants that dick ASAP

Benrey holding a little bit of power over Gordon, topping from the bottom or whatever the fuck- over time Gordon takes more charge though as he gets more used to uh. Everything I guess

Prinx 15:36

BIG YES to all of this

(Eggnog) 15:37

Benrey gloating at being bake to reduce Gordon to such a horny feral state- can’t gloat too much once Gordon starts pounding him

Prinx 15:38

Gordon will just have to fuck the gloating right out of him :person_shrugging:

Oh no he's still smug after

Gotta do it again

Didn't stick the first time

A Today at 15:48

Gotta keep doing it to try and make Benrey beg for it

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