Demon Barney tail play

Succ Au chatlog and unfinished fic about Barney jerking off while exploring his demon/succubus form. Freehoun mentioned, but the focus is mostly on post-transformation body exploration and a solo masturbation session.


I really dig the idea of Barney sticking to his human appearance most of the time except when he's super overwhelmed by doing something with Gordon that feels very good






Gordon trying to figure out what can make Barney drop his human 'disguise' 

He likes Barney in any form and knows he's a bit uncomfy with the whole demon thing, but sometimes he wants to see Barney's fluffy goat man look too



He does want him to accept his demon form too so~ gotta show how nice it is to let go and Indulge a little

“You only let go like this when you’re feeling good huh... this form can’t be all that bad now can it if it makes you feel  like this right~?



My weakness



Barneys probably kind of unsure of his demon form, but Gordon wants him to enjoy it like he learnt to enjoy his new form.




Hhh, Gordon sucking him off, and when Barney is in demon form, Gordon also strokes and massages the base of his tail because that will make him feel extra good



Whenever Barney has his demon form on he likes to play with his wings tails horns and ears... doesn’t get the chance otherwise



I figure sensitivity wise, the base of Barney's horns feels nice to get a massage around, and stroking his fluffy goat ears also feels nice and relaxing. The wings are sensitive and maybe not inherently arousing to have touched but if already in a sexual situation it can add to that (like being touched on a sensitive bit of skin).

With both of their tails, the tip feels pretty normal to have touched, the length of it gets more sensitive the closer to the base, and the part where the base meets the tailbone is an erogenous zone



Not to get fluff in your kinky au but. Gordon doing some fluffy body worship on Barneys body, petting his ears and wings, telling him how much they suit him, how cute he is~



Fluff is always welcome!!!

Barney blushing, especially when Gordon strokes the fluffy side of his ears

It's relaxing and nice, as much as Barney is kind of nervous about the whole demon form thing

Gordon kissing him slow while petting him



You know when you play with a Dogs floppy ears. Gordon just rubbing his ears between his fingers, giggling to himself as he pets him




(To get a bit sexy, Gordon gets a hand around the base of Barney's tail while fucking him and tugs gently and Barney is embarrassed how loudly he moans, because he felt that right down through his body)



Hhhhh yeah

“Aw, babe, it’s ok, don’t get embarrassed~”

Gordon lightly teasing him over it



"Is that supposed to feel that good? Geez."



“Uh huh, why wouldn’t it. This body is made for pleasure”



Barney like oh jeez

Barney trying it on Gordon next time he has a chance, and ok yeah that's fucking hot the way Gordon reacts instantly

Maybe seeing if he can make Gordon come without having his dick touched, but instead from playing with his tail and touching and kissing him other places







“Uh huh, why wouldn’t it. This body is made for pleasure” has me like dang 

Combination of body worship and reassurance and "corruption" elements



Knew you’d like that 



You were right!!



Gordon cuddling Barney and stroking his goat ears and telling him not to be afraid


Barney fingering Gordon's ass and tugging on Gordon's tail to see if he can get Gordon to come.

Spoilers: it works

Ooh, Barney getting more curious about what it would feel like himself, from seeing how Gordon reacts



For your consideration. Barney home alone waiting for Gordon to get back. Gets... curious and shifts into Succ form of his own violation to play with himself while he waits, just cause he’s curious, that’s all.

Not cause he’s maybe starting to enjoy how it feels or anything. Nothing like that no sirree



Hi I've been murdered

I don't remember if I said that he'd have a shorter refractory period after becoming a demon, but also why not

Barney lying on the bed playing with himself and it ends up snowballing into wanking himself silly



Gordon comes home to such a pretty sight


Barney lying on the bed playing with himself and it ends up snowballing into wanking himself silly

Barney, on his back, one hand on his cock and another clutching at the covers, stomach covered in cum.

He "accidentally" discovered that when his hips twitch, the base of his tail rubs against the bed, and it feels kind of nice.

Aha, what about him starting out kind of tentatively touching himself, rubbing his fingers through the extra fluffy hair on his stomach in goat demon form, touching his tail kind of nervously.

But eventually he kind of goes "oh, fuck it" when he's relaxed from coming a few times, and tries out fucking himself with the tip of his tail. He's seen Gordon do it.

More or less blanks out his own thoughts with three different sources of stimulation at once (jerking himself off, the tip of his tail rubbing his prostate, and the base of his tail getting pressed against and rubbing back and forth over the bed beneath him)

Gordon getting home and climbing up on the bed to kiss an absolutely wrecked Barney

Praising him and stroking his head


Barney is still at it when Gordon gets back

Gordon kissing him open mouthed while Barney gasps, and putting his hand over Barney's to keep jerking his cock

"Feels good, right?" Gordon says, speaking into Barney's ear

Barney nods. "S-sure does, darlin'."


Ahh, but Gordon licking Barney's stomach clean

Then starting to suck his cock

And also stroking Barney's tail

After Barney comes once more, Gordon cuddles up to him and praises him some more


Ever since growing in a tail, Barney has honestly been pretty nervous of the thing. The rare few times he allowed himself to take demon form - usually because Gordon gave him the puppy dog eyes and asked for it, he could never resist that look - the tail had a tendency to move all by itself whenever he wasn’t concentrating on it. Usually to curl around Gordon, which he didn’t mind, but it was more the combination of having one in the first place and it moving around by itself like that.


What if it started doing god knows what, like jerking him off or something? He was already sensitive all the time now, it didn’t take much to work him up. It wouldn’t help if his own tail started teasing him when he took his eyes off of it. It would be kind of hot too, though, if he’s honest. But he’s also trying not get too carried away with every hot idea, because where would that even end?


He’s not getting carried away now, though. He’s taking it slow, hyping himself up to let his demon form show through. He’s a little curious about how it feels and, well, judging from what Gordon’s said they’re both going to be around for a long time, so he’s going to want to get used to it sooner or later. Not everything is about Gordon, sure, but thinking about Gordon right now helps. Especially the gentle way Gordon has touched his new demonic features in the past, how he praises and admires Barney, and does his best to reassure him when all the weirdness gets a little bit much. What did he ever do to deserve such a sweet guy? Even if he is a sweet guy who also turned out to be a literal sex demon.


Barney takes a deep breath and relaxes whatever weird intangible ability keeps him looking human. The change in form washes over him smoothly, more like untensing a muscle after a long day than anything else. Inventory: floppy pointy goat ears, hard claw-like nails, sharp teeth, curling horns on either side of his head, wings, and the tail that he’s been thinking about way too much.


See, it isn’t just that the tail moves by itself. One time while Gordon was fucking him, Gordon had tugged on Barney’s tail where it attaches to the rest of his body, and the effect had been instant. White hot pleasure, flashing through him like summer lightning. Barney had moaned loudly, and then immediately felt embarrassed and unnerved by how strongly it affected him.


He'd asked Gordon if it was supposed to feel that good, and Gordon stroked his hair tenderly while replying. "Yeah, it is. It's okay, Barns, you can let yourself enjoy it. These bodies are made for pleasure, after all." They'd had a little time out while Gordon reassured him, and then finished having sex without any more tail-related incidents. Then they'd cuddled, which was nice.


Fuck if that phrase Gordon used didn't lodge in his mind, though. Made for pleasure. He can believe that, with how sensitive and receptive his body is now, how sex feels even better than before. It's just a lot easier to accept it when he's not staring right down the proof he signed himself over to a demonic master.


If only it didn't feel so fucking good. 


Barney thinks about that while he runs a tentative finger up from the pointed tip of his tail all the way up to the base, the gradual increase in enjoyable sensations making his worries fade into the background until he grasps the base of his tail in hand. The sudden jolt of feeling makes his hips snap forward as he lets out an involuntary whimper. He snatches his hand away as if he'd been bitten. 


Too much. Feels too good. Way too good for such a weird part of him that shouldn't be directly sexual, if anyone cared to ask Barney his opinion about it. The tip of his tail is swishing back and forth on the bed sheets like that of an irritated cat, as Barney frets and considers whether to touch it more.


It's so weird that it feels like a part of him but moves like it has a mind of his own. It's the same with the wings. When he's not concentrating they seem to reflect his mood most of the time. The wings are pretty cool at least, even if they're not big enough to fly with. The tail is more unnerving because of the sensitivity and the way it can touch him.


But it's still a part of him, so he wants to get used to it. If nothing else, Barney isn't a coward. He reaches out and lets the tip wrap around his fingers. The skin is warm and a little leathery, but soft like sheepskin. It's strange feeling the touch relayed back to him instantly with no delay like, yep, he's definitely touching part of himself. Touching a tail and it's his. Barney's tail that's part of Barney. His tail. He's done enough circling around the real cause of his nervousness, though.


Barney takes a few steadying breaths and starts his fingers on the slow ascent up from the tip of his tail again. Softly with the pads of his fingers. By the time he gets halfway there he's relaxed a little. It feels nice, not too much yet. He makes his touches lighter as he gets closer to where he's most sensitive, and that's a good choice. The arousal isn't so sudden and overwhelming. More like lowering himself into a warm bath than getting hit by a wave.


He watches, slightly dazed by the pleasant warmth of arousal from stroking his tail, as his dick stiffens to full hardness without being touched. It's pretty wild to see happen when all he's doing is gently moving his fingers back and forth, but not actually surprising. It really feels that nice.


Without stopping the gentle strokes to his tail, Barney licks the palm of his other hand and gets it around his cock. He has to close his eyes at the doubled sensation from touching both. Barney strokes his cock as delicately as his tail until it stops being enough to satisfy him. He has to grasp both more firmly, too muddled with arousal to do anything else. He's not thinking anymore about how strange it is for his tail to be so sensitive, only about the moment, how he feels the heat of his skin and hears his own harsh breathing, how every slide of his hand on his cock brings him closer to his edge.


Barney pulls a little on his tail to test it, copying what Gordon had done to him before. His own climax catches him by surprise. He falls back on the bed with a long moan, cumming all over his hand and stomach, and doesn't stop jerking himself off until he's completely overstimulated. After, he lies there and blinks at the ceiling, panting to catch his breath.


Fuck but that felt good. He could get used to that.


He uncurls his fingers from around his tail and slides his hand out from under his hips. Barney breaths deep and digs his nails into the bedcovers. Phew. Maybe the tail thing isn't so bad after all… 


It's still sensitive, though, where it rubs against the covers. Even as Barney lies there and breathes, the small movements of his body jostle his tail against the bedsheets. He bites his lip but can't help himself shifting in place. Ah. He's starting to get worked up again. Wow, that didn't take long. He keeps forgetting how quickly he can get hard again these days. It's just one of those things.


Barney stretches out comfortably and puts his hand back on his half-hard cock. He already feels pretty good, so it's easy to let himself indulge a bit longer. What's the harm? It's not like he doesn't have time to play with himself a bit more before Gordon gets home. Gordon definitely won't have any objections to seeing Barney all laid out for him like a meal to be devoured, either.


(To be continued, hopefully)