Binya shows Barney how to dom Gordon

Short succ Au chatlog about Barney trying to get the hang of domming Gordon, and Binya showing him the ropes a little.


We mentioned Barney practicing subbing with Gordon

They try it out the other way around sometime and Barney's like "Gordon you're too hot followin’ my every order like this, I think I need to sit down"

He was not prepared


Gordon laughs at him, but not meanly

Tells him he has to work on being more commanding

If he wants to get Gordon in the right headspace

A bit more teasing and mischievous with Barney


Prinx 13:27

I feel like Gordon in this AU leans heavily towards subbing, Barney is a bit more switchy but inexperienced


Prime 13:29


Calling Gordon a good boy and talking in a stern voice


Prinx 13:31


They "practice" amongst themselves, but maybe one day as a treat, because of course Binya knows what they've been up to, he guides Barney through domming Gordon


Prime 13:33

I love that... qwq


A 13:34

Binya feeds Barney lines to say to Gordo. and Barney being so into it that Binya can make him say some riddiculous things.


A 13:36

Binya: tell him what a good boy he is.

Barney: Gordon you’re such a good boy.

Binya: Good, now tell him you gonna clap that phat ass.

Barney: I’m going to- wait a second!


Prime 13:36



Eggnog 13:36

Just moving his hands around though and getting him into position 


Prinx 13:36

Here's an actually sexy bit:

"Ya see how he tilts his head? Go on, grab his hair and tug a lil. He likes that. Good job."


Prime 13:37

want to just imagine Barney shivering as Binya whispers into his ear

maybe his breath hitting Barney's neck as he talks

"Shh shh, pay attention pet. You'll get your turn on my epic powers, but first pay attention to our pet Gordon."


Prinx 13:38

He has a slightly difficult time focusing on actually domming when Binya does that



A 13:39

Dom brain battling his sub brain


Prime 13:39

get dommed while domming


Prinx 13:40

By the end Barney's brain is a little scrambled


Prime 13:40

"Oh you got a lil boner there, why dont you have our precious toy take care of that~? Go on, you know he wants ya to."

Gordon on his knees panting a little from anticipation


Prinx 13:41

Did he learn a bit about domming? Yes

Is he totally just relying on Binya to tell him what to do next? Also yes

Prime you're on fire


Prime 13:42

I like praising domming

Binya taking Barney's hands, guiding him to take Gordon's head and pull him to Barney's crotch.

"Tell him to rub on you, make him show you how much he loves your schlong pet."

Barney shivering as Gordon rubs his face on Barney's cock, feeling its warmth against his face.

"G-good boy, that's it, keep going.."


Barney wanting more, pulling Gordon's face to be smothered in his cock, feeling Gordon's sneaky tongue lick at his base and balls.

"O-oh..! So needy aren't you?" Barney looked to Binya for approval of that line-


Prinx 13:47

Binya grinning. "You're getting the idea, pet. Go ahead and fill his mouth with your cock, make him choke on it. Our toy loves that."


Prime 13:48

Gordon whined at the sound of getting his throat fucked. Barney took Gordon's hair and got a fistful, going red as Gordon let out a pleasured cry as Barney used his hair like a controller.


Prinx 13:55

"Harder," Binya growled in Barney's ear. Barney thrust into Gordon's mouth firmly, following Binya's orders without question, and seeing how Gordon opened his mouth wide to let Barney fuck it, drool escaping out the sides.

He's never this rough with Gordon, but Gordon's mouth felt so good, and the muffled sounds he was letting out around Barney's cock left no uncertainty of how much Gordon loved it.


Prime 13:57

Binya watching with a wide grin as Gordon's mouth was full of cock, watching his pets play so well together.

Barney wanting to listen to every moan escaping Gordon's mouth as his cocks went in and out, Gordon feeling his throat stretch the further he took Barney inside, feeling his grip tighten as he's used so wonderfully.

"G-good boy... oh gordon such a good boy.."

"Such a good pet Gordie, look at ya, love takin' in that cock, wanna... wanna be filled up like a cream puff, extra glaze, special offer delux gormay desserts."


Prinx 14:02

Barney coming down Gordon's throat while Gordon swallows around his cock, looking up at the both of them adoringly


Prinx 14:23

Barney hardly able to keep his legs from wobbling after Gordon swallows the last of his cum.

"Stand up. You gotta see what our pet wants, doncha? He deserves a reward for takin' your cock so well."

Barney nods. Yeah, that's only fair to Gordon.

"Gordon, pet, lie back and I'll get you off."

Gordon nods, and lies on his back, waiting for Barney.

(Question time: should Barney suck Gordon's cock or ride his cock)


A 14:25

Ride it, gotta be able to keep talking to his pet


Prinx 14:47

Barney lines himself up with Gordon's cock and slides it inside him, grateful for the weird little quirk of succubus biology that lets him do that without any prep.

He takes a deep breath once he's full.

"Remember, you're in charge. Show him what a good boy he's been."

"Right," Barney murmurs.


Barney braces himself with a hand on the ground behind him and starts lifting and dropping his hips to pleasure Gordon's cock, a look of concentration on his face.

"D-don't move. You've done - really well. Relax and I'll give you your reward, sweetheart."

Gordon nods, and holds on to Barney's thighs, panting as he speeds up.


"Look so so good right now. Been - ah - so good for me. So good at obeyin'."


Barney speeds up until Gordon is twitching and arching back under him.


"That's it. Come for me, darlin'. You've been good for us both, you deserve it."


Barney feels Gordon coming inside him, and he's proud he could do this for him. Gordon really seems to get a lot out of submission.


Prinx 15:01

"My pets have done sooo well. Playin' so nice together."


Gordon shivers and moans again, and Barney has to take a few deep breaths to clear his head a little. Not that it lasts long when a hand and several tendrils curl around his waist, and Binya's voice fills his head again.


"You liked your little taste of bein' in charge, didn't ya? It's a loooot of responsibility tho. You're lookin' all tense. How about you let me fuck that right outta ya?"


"Yeah, I'd like that," Barney says, panting  more when tentacles curl around his wrists and ankles.


"Forgetting something? You're not in charge anymore, pet."


"Ah. Yes... Master."


Barney feels himself lifted up off Gordon, and a big cock rubs at his entrance. His legs twitch as it's slowly pushed inside, and then it starts to thrust, fucking him while he's still suspended right over Gordon.


Gordon watches with hungry eyes as their master fucks Barney until he begs and moans.