Demon Conflict and Battle Forms

Succ Au chatlog about some other demon trying to convince Barney and Gordon to make a deal with him instead, to get at/hurt Binya that way, then getting mean when they refuse. Hurt/comfort with Binya showing up and wrecking then voring (unsexily) the demon, then fussing over Barney and Gordon (Barney especially cos he got a little hurt). Some possessive sex, talk about the demon master + succubus bond and how it works. Then discussion of Barney and Gordon developing their own battle/combat forms so they can defend themselves if another demon tries to bother them in future! Brief talk about weird combat form fucking too.

Auburn 21:49

I want another demon to show up and try to convince the boys to make a new deal. Promise greater independence maybe, or greater powers, they just want to undermine Binya because that guy is OP. Maybe tries a specific appeal towards both of them. Neither are going for it though. Maybe it's far enough down the line that Barney's not as concerned about Binya and/or suspicion doesn't mean this literal stranger of a demon seems like a better bet. So they decline.

Or they try to at least. This other demon is really insistent, too insistent. And becoming less friendly and more condescending as the conversation progresses. Finally Barney has enough of it and tries to call out for Binya since he always answers. Except he's prevented from doing so. Tentacle backhand, my favorite fighting move. /j


Eggnog 21:56



Auburn 21:56

I want Barney to receive A Hit


Eggnog 21:56

Ooooooooh shits going down


L 21:56

... I want Gordon to get pissed and attack the demon like a pissed off cat now…


Eggnog 21:58

Hanging onto this arm/tentacle with his teeth and scratching him lmao


Auburn 21:58

Hit makes him bleed a little too because ouch, hard hit. And Gordon would absolutely try! This has moved beyond conversation, hitting his boyfriend means the fight is on. They're both kind of outmatched though. I mean this is a full-fledged demon like their master is and they're just succubi, rip.


Eggnog 21:59

Hahaha what if he tries threatening them to force them into a deal

“I’ll kill your little boyfriend if you don’t agree to this deal-“

Now that’s gonna make em sweat and panic

Binya come helllllp


Auburn 22:01

This is of course all an excuse for Binya to show up and wreck the other guy because I'm basic like that. And when he sees that Barney is actually bleeding from a busted lip, that Gordon's bruised around his middle from where the other demon was holding him at a distance to prevent getting scratched at, oh. Oh how dare that other demon hurts what's his.

tl;dr What I'm saying is we've gotten plenty of Binya getting to be possessive/protective over Gordon but I want to see it for Barney too.


Eggnog 22:03

Hell yeah

Gotta take care of his men


You know what. After wrecking the other demons shit, you know what goes well with hurt flavour? Comfort flavour uwu


Binya cuddling and taking care of themmmmm

I’m such a hurt/comfort bitch I just love it


L 22:05

Getting them food and cuddling them as they rest.


A 22:05

Kissing their booboos better!


Eggnog 22:06


Wrapping them up in his tendrils to keep them close, keep them safe, gently caressing and checking them over for injuries.


Auburn 22:06

Binya super spooky when he kills the other demon...his pets have never seen him that way before, and it'd be a lie to say it isn't intimidating... 

He also definitely eat the other demon lbr


Eggnog 22:06



A 22:07

Gotta get even bigger and stronger to protect his pets


Eggnog 22:07

Like yeah Binya is inherently  a terrifying eldritch monstrosity- but they’ve never actually seen him for real, absolutely fucking furious

Like the most he’s been is annoyed when his “pets” are acting up or being bratty-

They’ve never seen him like this

I feel Gordon would be :swoon: I feel safe now

And Barney would be uh, what the fuck, what the fuck what the fuck-


Auburn 22:10

Furious is the right word for it. Gordon actually thought he'd seen Binya in his true form before and, yeah, he technically has. But this is something else, barely constrained by physicality or reason. Writhing darkness, gnashing teeth, the whole bit.

cw body horror A large tendril literally piercing through the other demon and pinning it to the floor when Binya first arrives. Expanding as he becomes angrier, more tendrils piercing; the dark mass of the other demon falling away in chunks of flesh and smoke, the whole form just shaking apart as it writhes to try and get loose.

he DEF eats the other demon


Auburn 22:17

Definitely. Maybe looks more like absorbing it then actual eating. One layer of darkness encasing another before shrinking back down.


Eggnog 22:21




Auburn 22:24

Gordon holds together better than Barney does with the whole thing. Both are relieved at first though Barney's relief starts to wane a little under, you know, mortal terror and whatnot. Gordon is somewhat nervous because he's never seen Binya this upset and he's not sure what happens next, how easily he'll calm down, whether or not he'll be upset with the two of them for not calling him to them earlier.


For Binya it's hard because he can tell he's scared his pets and logically he should probably be careful with them but he's desperate to make sure they're okay, that they aren't seriously hurt. Can't help wrapping them up in the same tendrils that just decimated that other demon and hold them close, feeling them over, eyes observing carefully. Pulling them even closer once he's satisfied with that, cuddling them into that warm darkness. Stress purring, idk.


Eggnog 22:25

Stress purring yessss

Loud and rumbly and a lil hard to tell if they’re growls or purrs…


Auburn 22:28

Gordon starts to relax first, can recognize cuddling when he feels it. Maybe murmurs some words of reassurance, and also thanks him for protecting them. Barney's having a rougher time but can't deny he's not being harmed, the hold on him careful. One tendril keeps running almost reverently over his face, gentle as it passes over his busted lip.


A 22:29

Teal green heal beam maybe?


Auburn 22:33

maybe some heal goop from the tentacle on his face

mmm, heal goop

anyway that was the extent of my trash thoughts, may Prinx forgive me 


Eggnog 22:51

If your thoughts aw trash then I belong in the dumpster cause I loooooved all of that Hggggh


Auburn 22:52

That's really validating Egg, thank you.


A 22:56

I’ll join you in the dumpster! This was so good!!


Prinx 23:32


I was sleeping and then doing German

@Auburn beams love at you

Also protective Binya hott


Tikkikwami 23:41

I adore this holy fuck!!!

Can Binya manifest Benrey as an extension of himself (almost like he manifests his tentacles) while still maintaining a big scary barely-comprehensible demon form? to comfort and snuggle Barney since he's unnerved by the sight of big demons at the moment? 


Prinx 23:44

You are smart and I don't see why not


Tikkikwami 23:45

also how do they call out to/summon Binya?? I'm very interested in the details there


Prinx 23:46

Technically the Binya they see usually is a part of a bigger mass of demon anyway. He's a weird extradimensional eldritch horror.


Tikkikwami 23:46

Gordon feels more comforted by Binya's huge scary demon form because it represents all the power he can use to protect Gordon. Barney's more comforted by Binya's Benrey form because it allows him to cling to a shred of "normalcy" and have the warmth/comfort of simple human touch 


Prinx 23:46



Auburn 23:47




Tikkikwami 23:47

I love Binya wanting to comfort each of his pets individually instead of letting them comfort each other, too


Prinx 23:47

Though honestly I think Barney would prefer the "power saving" demon mode to Benrey because

He's usually extremely annoying in Benrey form


Auburn this is hot and your brain is huge


Auburn 23:48

It's self-indulgence but I'm glad you liked it. 


Prinx 23:48

Tbh I was just thinking that they'd call/summon him by focusing on the thought of Binya and literally calling out for him (Gordon does that in the fic with Barney)

This whole AU is self-indulgence central. I'm happy to find another way to add more to it.


Tikkikwami 23:49

that's the point of this server tbh. self-indulgence with a side of friends hyping you up


Eggnog 23:49

Gotta make sure his pets are ok~ 

Lots of snuggles.


Tikkikwami 23:49

I love it


Auburn 23:49

I was basing it off when he just calls out for him in that fic! Which is why the other demon tries to prevent Barney from being able to call out.


Tikkikwami 23:50



Prinx 23:50

Gordon is probably better at summoning Binya because it's not so much yelling really loud as calling between dimensions, and that's weird for Barney to wrap his head around


Auburn 23:50

Maybe the focusing aspect is why Binya still shows up, got a weird little nudge still.


Tikkikwami 23:50

Benrey's always listening but in a hot/comforting way, not in a paranoia-inducing way


Prinx 23:50



Auburn 23:50

Prinx I am going to be 100% honest with you


Eggnog 23:50

“Ok fuck this, I’m calling master, B-

bitch slapped by tentacle


Auburn 23:50

I pictured this scenario between bed and went back and forth several times between who should be the first one to try and call Binya

and I truly honestly went with Barney for the simple reason


Tikkikwami 23:51

Barney calling Binya "master" even when Binya isnt around, even when Binya can't reward him for it 


Auburn 23:51

of him being the one to get hit in the face and bleed because this started as "Binya possessive/protective over Barney" thoughts


Prinx 23:51

I love that, you're valid


Auburn 23:51

that was my only reason completely


Tikkikwami 23:52

the idea of Gordon and Barney being able to near-instantly summon an extremely powerful and protective entity to protect them whenever they please is DOING something to me 


Prinx 23:52

Gordon still trying to reason with the demon who was attempting to poach them, and Barney's like "this fucker is even shadier than Binya, fuck this I'm calling the demon I know and love"


Tikkikwami 23:53

fuck yessss


Eggnog 23:53

“I uh, listen, we don’t want your deal buddy-“

Getting cut off by asshole demon

Barney: yeah fuck this, Binya is... Binya but at least he listens to us


Tikkikwami 23:54

okay but like? does Gordon say "I love you" to Binya??? it may or may not be romantic either? but there is definitely a strong bond there that includes mutual affection of some sort. and Barney is probably starting to feel a similar thing for Binya even separate from Gordon's influence in the situation between them!

the pet/master bond includes affection, protectiveness, doting, etc <3


Auburn 23:55

The demon is doing a lot of talking to Barney too, mostly about not having to "share" Gordon, but as a result it's ignoring Gordon and cutting him off a lot and that upsets Barney, who doesn't appreciate his boyfriend getting cut out of the conversation like he's not literally part of what they're discussing. Gives bad vibes.


Tikkikwami 23:55

so like. do they exchange ilys? you dont have to say if it is a spoiler or plot point btw


Auburn 23:55

Plus Barney knows Gordon and Binya are close deal.


Prinx 23:56

Oh my god I literally never thought about it


Tikkikwami 23:56

glad to be of service then


Auburn 23:57

Plus Barney is starting to be a little weak for Binya too, the thought of not being called a good pet by him ever again is frowny face.


Tikkikwami 23:57

I think this might be a good instigator for Gordon telling Binya he loves him and Barney wouldnt feel like his relationship with Gordon is threatened because he knows their bond is different and. well. he might be starting to feel something similar for Binya!!! not to the same extent (yet) but still. growing feelings of some soft sort

ik it might not be romantic in the traditional human way, but it's definitely a type of love


Prinx 23:58

It would take longer to develop into actual love I feel... Like needing to know Binya more deeply, beyond the interactions they've had so far


Tikkikwami 23:59

definitely for Barney yeah


Eggnog 23:59

Mmmm but Binya being so gentle with him, so fussy over his injuries- he didn’t really expect it tbh, he thought he’d be all over Gordon, sure, but him?


Prinx 23:59

I'm mostly thinking of Binya's eldritchness and the sheer scale of what he is, plus the timescale that demons operate over


Tikkikwami 23:59

what if Barney didn't realize until now that Binya liked him entirely separately from Gordon's opinion of him???


Prinx 00:00



Tikkikwami 00:00

valid Prinx, you dont have to include ilys yet or ever! if it isnt something you think would fit in for the AU


Prinx 00:01

Whether or not they say it there's a deep bond of adoration from Gordon to Binya :ok_hand: 

And Barney does feel gradually warmer towards him too


Auburn 00:02

When Binya shows up to another demon talking to his pets he's already pissed. Has the other pinned through like mentioned earlier, but mostly just seems irritated, asking if they're alright and not paying attention to the restrained demon. Eyes zero in on the blood dripping down Barney's chin as they talk. Barney notices, wipes it away, makes an offhand comment about how the guy got a good hit in on him but he's otherwise okay. Binya's eyes dilate.


Prinx 00:02

Binya has tried to bribe Barney a whole bunch to like him more, hahahaha

But I can definitely see Barney thinking that's just because Barney is important to Gordon


Tikkikwami 00:03

I almost think that Gordon feels a strange sort of very intense friendship for Benrey? "adoration" is a great word for it, Prinx! some sort of affection that goes beyond anything sexual... gratefulness that he influenced his life in such a positive way (even if he resisted at first), that he's never given up on Gordon and wanting to support him/transform his life in a very fun way, that he'd do anything to protect him.... it sure is Something!!!

Auburn you are genius


Eggnog 00:03

Binya being a little overbearing the next few weeks. Just wants to keep them safe. Pretty upset at what happened. 

Just wants to keep holding onto them, keep them secure and  safe with him- they have a tough time convincing him it’s ok, they need to go to work, it’s fine, really


Tikkikwami 00:04

what if Benrey gives them some sort of emergency signal???


Prinx 00:04

Protectiveness over his two succubi has me like "GOSH"


Tikkikwami 00:04

it's wonderful 


Eggnog 00:06

Pff tries to bribe them to stay with him in his dimension/pocket space  for a bit

“Hey, I’ve got all this cool stuff over here, don’t you uh, wanna play  on the PS5? Got all the new games! Don’t my pets wanna hang out and play some Mario party with me?”


Tikkikwami 00:06

Benrey gives them each a locket where if they speak a certain codeword the locket will relay to Binya that they are in danger 

so he knows to manifest wherever they are fucking immediately with the intent to be as dangerous/protective as possible!!!

or he might do something that doesnt require talking in case someone gets gagged or something. something telepathic perhaps???


Prinx 00:07

Telepathic!! Telepathic summoning

Just gotta think about him super hard


Tikkikwami 00:07

Barney: Binya, I dunno how to say this, but I am not playing another game of 99 turn Mario Party with you, no matter WHAT you bribe me with. You can't make me do that ever again


Prinx 00:07

Barney: It should be classed as torture by the united nations


Tikkikwami 00:08

maybe if they telepathically summon him, he can also tell their emotions they're feeling?


Eggnog 00:08

They could already do it, but now Binyas like in overprotective mode and devoting more of his true form to keep a look out for them


Prinx 00:08

Of course these fools are gonna accidentally summon him either during sex or while one is jerking off sometime


Eggnog 00:09

“Oh yo, your dick out”


Prinx 00:09

Thought a little too hard about the big demon and now he's popping in all wondering what's up


Tikkikwami 00:09

idk if it's my gift-giving love language side acting up or what, but I need Binya to gift them something to show he's always gonna be there to keep them safe as a reminder


Eggnog 00:09

“So- so is yours!”

I mean


Prinx 00:09



L 00:09

What if binya started hanging out with them in his human form after a while, just to add a little more comfort for barney?


Eggnog 00:09

We already got them collars- yeah aha


Tikkikwami 00:09

ik he gave them horns etc but I mean an item so collars works!!


L 00:10

Like not even other demons recognize him, so when he this random guard walks in as this other demon is trying to make a deal it doesn't think it's a big deal.

Until he reveals himself…


Eggnog 00:10

Hmmm insisting he stays over in their apartment in power saving mode but he’s too big to fit in the bed- so they use him as the bed instead


Tikkikwami 00:11

at what point does Barney stop viewing Binya as a legitimate annoyance and start reacting to him with frustration/exasperation mostly as a type of humor while feeling more affection towards him for his antics than genuine annoyance?

Barney at first whenever Benrey talks: squints and rolls his eyes

Barney after a while: rolls his eyes but also <3


Prinx 00:12

That's a great question, I don't know because I haven't thought that far

But amused/fond exasperation is good


Eggnog 00:13

He’s the bratty pet


Tikkikwami 00:13


I love how in hlvrai canon that's Gordon, but Banrey is way more like that than Gordon in this AU. probably bc Gordon is more bonded with Binya and a little softer in personality in this AU than canon (imo)


Prinx 00:14

Barney would be more comfortable, but also have a hell of a time not sassing him too much because his brain's primary association with Benrey is "weird coworker" not "demon master"


Tikkikwami 00:14

Benrey will just have to change that (tentacle time)


Eggnog 00:15

Tbf, it took a lot of training for Gordon to become an obedient pet :smirkyuwu:

Barney gets away with more cause Binya doesn’t want to upset Gordon :laughing:


Tikkikwami 00:16

fair. and there were a lot of time skips in the AU so there is an undisclosed amount of time that it took for Gordon to warm up to Binya after their 2nd time they met


Prinx 00:17

God. I'm writing the fic where Binya "trains" Gordon right now and it's probably going to be really long.


L 00:17

I mean, if it's just sass, couldn't binya grow to like that too? It's a little spice to their interactions. Binya's human disguise can be Barney's friend, his normal forms can be barney's master.


Prinx 00:18

I like that, Lex

So long as Benrey doesn't do anything to piss him off (so it's on him to not be too annoying/"testing" of Barney)


L 00:19

And really, beyond being actively oppositional I feel like binya would take most things with a good Sense of humor.


Tikkikwami 00:20

yeah!!! he's a silly dude at his core tbh


Prinx 00:20

Yes :3


Eggnog 00:20

He finds it funny when they “act out”


Prinx 00:21

I mean, his primary motivation originally with making a contract with Gordon was because it was funny


Tikkikwami 00:22

I'm stuck on the hurt/comfort for a minute here

Binya making a lil hammock of vantablack-colored tentacles, comfortingly warm to the touch and oddly soft without being squishy/slimy, perfect for his pets to snuggle each other and feel safe in their master's protective hold


Prinx 00:23

We can go back to the hurt/comfort because Soft


Eggnog 00:24



Prinx 00:25

Binya holding Barney close but being super careful/gentle cos he doesn't want to scare him (more than the straight up true form demon look already does) 

Binya, crying: nobody better hurt my sassy little goatman

Everyone stand back I'm having feels

By which I mean me, I wasn't channelling Binya there

Although Binya is also having feels


Eggnog 00:28


Probably feels pretty pissed that some other “lesser” demon was able to approach his pets.

Probably starts thinking about seals and protective charms he can place around them

Just. Luckily for them it was their weekend, so Binyas able to convince them to stay in their apartment the whole time for cuddling.


Prinx 00:31

Binya kind of pissed at himself for being so careless

He probably thought that Gordon and Barney are too low-level/not powerful as demons for anyone to pay any attention to them

Oh nooo demon power struggles resulting in other demons trying to hurt Binya by going after his pets 

That's entirely too much plot for my brain but it would be an interesting spin off scenario


Eggnog 00:34

“Hey- what did that demon want anyway?”

“He uh, he wanted us to make a deal with him, he was trying to undermine you or something-“

Binya internally- mine mine mine mine mine mine 

Binya Externally- awww, and you didn’t even think about accepting the offer? Cute, so loyal~


Tikkikwami 00:38

okay but the next few times Binya fucks his pets, he's definitely going to be growling "mine, mine, all mine" 


Prinx 00:39



Eggnog 00:39

“Who do you belong to pet-“

“Ah~ you”

“Yes, good pet. Mine.”


Auburn 00:43

oh shit I'm back and you guys are fucking galaxy brain, exactly what I wanted

Admittedly was thinking about The Invitation "mine" thing when thinking of this scenario

that deep, ravenous, incomprehensible sense of ownership and desire

Binya has to be more careful. Even though this demon was lesser than him, it was still more powerful than his pets, who are after all just transformed humans. It could have seriously hurt or even killed them.


Prinx 00:48

Lemme just get horny and self-indulgent here

I mean aside from how hot all the "mine" stuff is which got me lightheaded


Eggnog 00:48

“Hmmm- sure my pets don’t wanna stay with me~? Looook, isn’t this room so pretty, made it just for you two~ beds big enough for all of us too”


Prinx 00:49

We're going into the tf zone 

Binya doesn't sugarcoat the situation for his pets, he explains what's going on

Gordon seeing this as a reason to explore his demon form more, what he can do with it, how he can get stronger


Auburn 00:53

As someone who is always in this for power differences, I can't help picturing a Gordon and Barney who have become more masturful of their demonic nature, greater ability to defend themselves, even an ability to manifest to a more eldritch form when needed. Binya is so proud of them, how much stronger they've become. Even if, when he seems them fully manifesting he can still only think "cute" because they're still just little specks to him. 


Prinx 00:56

They can be more powerful but still nowhere near to him <3

I'm thinking about cool demon monster forms 


Auburn 00:58

give me the cool forms Prinx! 


Prinx 01:01

Do I look like an artist??

Me: what if Cool


Eggnog 01:03

I think Barney would be a little less flexible in what kind of forms he can change into- stuck a little by what he thinks is possible 

Whereas Gordons able to... figure out that, oh hey, demon powers allow for many an impossibility

Gordons able to flow and “shift” better


Auburn 01:04

You do cool art Prinx idk what you're talking about 

but yeah I meant description

Egg I love that a lot 

Barney taking on more physical, solid forms, because he's a very solid guy


Eggnog 01:05

I feel like Barney would have a big hulking scary Goat man type appearance and Gordon would have a more fucky look


Prinx 01:05

Barney big buff goat man


Eggnog 01:05


Same braincell


Prinx 01:05


Auburn Thank You but what I meant when I said that is I couldn't visualise it beyond "idk somethin cool"


Eggnog 01:06

I feel Gordon would get very non Euclidean- hurts to stare at for too long


Prinx 01:06

They basically develop big battle forms, huh


My man is pushing the limits of physical reality


Eggnog 01:07

Winding tentacles, squirming almost hypnotically- you get a glimpse in the shadows and you can’t tear your eyes away even though it makes your head ache so painfully-

Whereas Barneys strategy is, get big and hit real hard


Prinx 01:09

Barney: big hoofs big horns big claws and fists


Eggnog 01:10

Minotaur but Goat instead

Big demonic goat man

Binya still doesn’t want his cute little pets getting into any skirmishes though- not when he can so easily handle such nuisances


Prinx 01:14

Oh of course

For some reason my thought of a lineup of human -> standard succubus -> "battle" forms is like digimon evolutions

They go back and forth


Eggnog 01:15



Whatever’s convenient

Technically their forms are pretty fluid- but, it’s easier for former humans like them to stick to a mostly humanoid shape most of the time


Prinx 01:17

Exactly!!! It's familiar and doesn't need any concentration on their part

Do Barney and Gordon fuck while in the big monster forms? YES


Eggnog 01:17

But yeah human form for job, demon form at home, battle form when they need to fight-

Hahaha and yes when they want to spice things up and fuck

I think over time, as the years pass by, they might view their more human forms less and less as “them”


Prinx 01:22

I love it


Eggnog 01:28

I need to sleep but good stuff


Tikkikwami 01:37

also, this AU is more awesome by the day I'm loving how it's evolving over time


Prinx 01:37

Me too


Prinx 01:38

Yeah, we've been slowly adding stuff on over time, it's fun


Auburn 01:39

Good night Egg! Good night Prinx! Hope you both sleep well! :heart:


Prinx 01:39

I'm not ready to go this second T_T

I'm amusing myself by thinking about Barney being frustrated by the difficulty of domming Gordon in 'battle' form

He's a squirmy non-Euclidean tentacle mess, very hard to pin down

(Gordon copying Binya a little with that)


Auburn 01:43

I think as a physicist, Gordon is most suited to have a non-Euclidean form. Inspiration from Binya sure, but also just his own understanding allowing him to press the limits of what should and shouldn't be possible.

Poor Barney would be frustrated, rip. Big goat man vs. tentacle mess, who will win? Click to find out.


Tikkikwami 01:46

Gordon with a very open mind now that he's so closely bonded with Binya and let go of his previous human expectations of what is "normal" and "right"...


Tikkikwami 01:46

so like. mini eldritch abomination Gordon???


Prinx 01:46

Oh yeah, Gordon definitely uses his understanding of physics to get real fucky with the limits of his form.


Auburn 01:46

Heh, mini eldritch abomination. Cute.


Prinx 01:47

Weird? Maybe body horror? eldritch fucking 

Mini eldritch abomination Gordon using that shape to fuck Barney, able to fill him entirely, some parts shifting between tangibility and intangibility... Like partially pouring himself into goatman Barney from both sides almost as if he's a liquid. 

I guess this almost counts as vore??


Auburn 01:50

It kind of does fall into that category yeah!

Probably some specific term for it somewhere.


Prinx 01:52

Touching him inside and out, weird and intense and intimate

Maybe able to phase through and very carefully stimulate Barney's brain directly for multiple orgasms and all that


Like if Barney got his head around it he'd realise that he doesn't have to be as physically grounded to still exist, but if he does it's going to be a long slow process because the idea of shape/form/internal organs being optional while the essence of who he is just exists in whatever form he wants... is hard to internalise


Auburn 01:57

oh shit it's Contagious but with Barney as Gordon, I just realized


Prinx 01:58

all Transformation kink is Same


Auburn 01:58

That struggle to figure out self-identity in regards to physical identity. Having difficulty figuring that out.


Prinx 01:58

this is how the succ AU timeline converges with Ghouldon Wormman, with Gordon becoming an eldritch horror whose consciousness exists in every individual part of the whole


Auburn 01:59

Gordon has had more time to deal with demon stuff too, so it's not as foreign a concept for him to internalize.



L 01:59

There's no death in this one Auburn?

What's wrong with it?


Prinx 01:59


the idea of where his consciousness exists


Auburn 01:59

No death.

No death, no worms.


L 02:00

I can't tell if that's good?


Auburn 02:00

but his consciousness existing in every individual part is good


Prinx 02:03

anyway that's why even with the "battle" forms they've gotta be a bit more careful with Barney because... who the fuck knows what would happen if he got a serious injury


whereas Gordon has gone full eldritch abomination, you could chop bits off the edges of him if you caught him while tangible enough to cause him harm and so long as there's enough left he'll be fine

Regular succubus form Barney doesn't really act/sound like a goat beyond his ears reflecting how he's feeling

But goatman form he probably does bleat and make weird noises

He's not really an anthro/animal-ish person, he's a demon with a goat-like appearance


Auburn 02:08

As someone who finds goats to be absolutely adorable, even at their most creepy

I would love a Barney that makes little bleat noises, no matter how scary he looks

I want to pet his soft ears


Prinx 02:22

We went way off Binya being protective of Barney and snuggling him

I am going to think of that while getting ready for bed


Auburn 02:25

I can see the two wrestling in their fighting forms and Gordon is feeling pretty cocky about how well he's doing with all his incomprehensibility and whatnot. Then Binya is suddenly there and gets him pinned with one single large tentacle. To any other demon viewing the scene at a glance, Gordon struggling to get loose while Binya's form looms over his looks like something that's about to end with the former getting eaten, but actually the two are just playing.


Prinx 02:30


Like, Gordon and Barney wrestling, Gordon getting the upper hand, then Binya comes in like "lemme show you how I do it"