Barney Fucks Up.html

Short succ Au chatlog about Barney not realising initially that Binya = Benrey and butting heads with Benrey at work. Later Binya fucks Gordon while Barney watches, as a reminder who they both "belong" to.

Prinx 10:32

I'm imagining how weird Gordon's 180 attitude change about Benrey is for Barney

Gordon was constantly complaining about how annoying he was, and now he's all buddy buddy with Benrey


A 10:34

Is Barney feeling a tiny bit jealous maybe? Seeing Gordon get along so well with another guard.


Prinx 10:34


Hdhrggssg the absolute nonsense of after Barney becomes a demon, seeing Gordon hanging out with that one weird guard and feeling kind of jealous

Not realising who it is


Eggnog 10:36



Prinx 10:36

Barney when he realises what's going on: this explains So Much, actually


Eggnog 10:38

Pfdhdhshs imagine him telling Benrey to “back off”


A 10:38

I still wanna see Barney trying to square up a bit to Benrey! Either getting absolutely wrecked right away or realising later that he called his master a bitch.


Eggnog 10:38



Prinx 10:38

He ABSOLUTELY is gonna tell Benrey to back off


A 10:39

Barney after he realised who he tried to mess with: I fucked up so bad! 


Eggnog 10:39

“Back off bud, Gordons mine.”

Binya: I’m gonna destroy this whole man’s career


Prinx 10:40

Barney strolling up to the two of them and putting his hand on his hip, staring Benrey down: is this guy botherin' you, darlin'?


Eggnog 10:41

Oh nooooooo



Prinx 10:41

Benrey is laughing his ass off


A 10:41

Gordon watching as Barney does the same things he did back in the day and being like: "no wonder Binya cum blocked me for a month."


Prinx 10:42


Gordon and Barney have an understanding about fooling about with people at work

It's JUST Benrey being around Gordon that Barney has a problem with


Eggnog 10:43

His vibes are just that rancid


A 10:43

No one can handle it when Binya goes full Benrey

Benrey is Binyas humansona!!!!


Eggnog 10:44

“Why does he just fucking watch”


Prinx 10:44

Because Gordon spent ages bitching about Benrey and now they're hanging out??

Is he blackmailing Gordon?? What's going on!!



A 10:45

ndvjskvnd XD


Prinx 10:46

Barney in protective boyfriend mode while Gordon's like "babe, babe it's alright"

Barney @ Benrey: :|


A 10:47

Is Gordon amused, flattered, horrified or a bit of a mix?


Prinx 10:50

Amused and flattered and a bit like "oh no you adorable idiot", maybe slightly worried about how Binya's gonna put Barney in his place later

I don't think it'll be as drawn out as Benrey bothering Gordon was

Next time Binya visits the two of them he's like "My new pet has been a bad boy, tut tut" and Barney is SO CONFUSED

Up until Binya's like "so you know that incredibly hot and sexy and cool coworker of yours called Benrey"

"the one you tried to pick a fight with yesterday"

Barney: oh no

Barney: oh no

Barney: this explains everything


Prinx 10:56

Barney, gritting his teeth, really not meaning it at all: sorry master


Benrey is mostly just laughing at him


Eggnog 10:57


”I think you need a reminder of who you both belong to”


Prinx 10:58

Eggnog I'm listening OvO

Do you have a spicy idea


Eggnog 11:00

Just, I mean. A lil reminder never hurt anybody right. 

Binya fucking Gordon while Barney watches maybe 


Prinx 11:00



A 11:01

cuck the boy


Prinx 11:02

It's not really cucking if they both belong to Binya ;p

Barney is a little annoyed at how hot it is to watch

Hearing Gordon moaning out "Master" over and over while Binya pounds him


A 11:04

Having a little trouble deciding if he wants to be in Binya's or Gordon's place


Prinx 11:04

Y e a h


Prime 11:04

the master talk gets me so much


Prinx 11:08

Binya staring right at Barney while Barney is shifting in place touching his hard-on like he's being subtle. "You want this? Yeah, you do. Better behave yourself, pet."


A 11:10

Barney sandwich if he behaves


Prime 11:11



Prinx 11:11

Binya depositing a fucked-out pile of Gordon on top of Barney, Gordon kissing him sloppily

Whispering "listen to our master" in his ear


Prime 11:12

What if like sometime

Barney practiced being a good pet with Gordon?

Binya 'secretly' watching


Prinx 11:12

Binya knows Barney's weakness 

Oooohoho that's a fun idea


Prime 11:13



Prinx 11:14

Barney trying out subbing for Gordon

Getting the hang of it and what it feels like


Prime 11:14

Wanting to be a good boy 

But maybe he'd be more comfortable with trying it out on Gordon first


Prinx 11:15

I wanna go back to the particular scene with Binya fucking Gordon for the time being


Prime 11:15

ye okie


Prinx 11:18

Binya watching smugly while Gordon loves on Barney, encouraging Barney and telling him it's okay to submit, he doesn't have to be embarrassed

It feels good to obey their master, Barney saw that, right? How much Gordon enjoyed it. He bets Barney would enjoy it too.

Gordon cuddling Barney and gently guiding him down onto his knees, stroking his hair, kissing him

Barney is turned on enough to be shivery, letting Gordon guide him, he trusts Gordon even though he's a bit suspicious of Binya at times.


Binya stepping forward to cup Barney's chin with his hand, while Gordon moves around to cuddle Barney from behind


"You gonna be good now? Behave for your master?" Binya says, and Gordon gives Barney a little squeeze to encourage him.




Gordon kissing the back of Barney's neck, stroking down his chest, while Binya grins.


"Good pet. That's it." 


Barney moaning involuntarily as the praise affects him. Gordon gets a hand around to stroke Barney's cock. Helping the pleasure overwhelm him, telling him how good he's being for their master.

Gordon helping Binya to melt away Barney's resistance to obeying 



This is my favourite thing

Overwhelming him with affection and good feelings


Wanting Barney to be happy

He'll be happier when he fully accepts being their master's pet

Gordon feeling extra happy when he sees Barney obeying Binya

All content at the rightness of the situation

A combo of good poly feelings plus weird demon contract stuff making it feel extra nice to obey his master


Prinx 11:55

Binya stroking Barney's hair with a big hand, Barney going a little bit floppy in Gordon's embrace as he relaxes more into it.

"Thaaat's it. Good pet. So cute like this," Binya purrs.

Gordon jerking Barney off the way he knows Barney likes, and pressing against Barney's back from behind to hold him close. Barney giving a little gasp when he comes.


Prinx 12:04

Binya keeps patting his head, calls him a good boy.

"What do you say?"

Barney is a relaxed subby puddle by then, so he doesn't even think - if he did he would be a bit embarrassed - before saying "thank you, master."


"Good pet. Achievement unlocked: bestest boy."


Gordon laughs fondly at the little moan Barney makes at the extra praise, hugging Barney and kissing the side of his face. "See, I told you it would feel good. You're so hot like this... Let's do this again soon, alright?"


Barney nods absentmindedly, leaning back against Gordon.


Binya, meanwhile, is cooing to himself over how cute his pets are together.


Cooldown mode: Binya picks up both of them and cuddles them while Gordon is snuggled up to Barney


They're both tired enough to want to just snuggle instead of getting horny again

Barney when he's less loopy from good brain chemicals is going to be a bit flustered but not afraid or anything

More like "I did all that, huh... this is weirdly nice, who'd have thought a giant demon gives good hugs."


Eggnog 12:28

Gordon later: you got off pretty easy, when I mouthed him off he didn’t let me nut for a few weeks. Just went snap and removed my ability to cum, just like that.

Barney: ...remind me not to piss him off.

Barney likes having the ability to orgasm to much to risk antagonising Binya


Prinx 12:29

Binya is probably a little less mean to Barney when he "misbehaves" than he was to Gordon at the start

Because he doesn't want to upset Gordon

Hahahaha yeah


A 12:30

Barney: he can do that?!


Prinx 12:30

Gordon: yeahhhh. It kind of comes with the total ownership of body and soul territory, apparently.


Eggnog 12:30

Ahahahahah- Barney gets bf privileges


Prinx 12:31

Barney remains a little brattier/sassier towards Binya


Eggnog 12:31

Hmmm Gordon asking Binya to go easy on Barney sounds good tho


Prinx 12:31

Though he doesn't push it too much


You're right

Gordon giving Binya a pleading expression and asking him not to be mean


A 12:33

Gordon looking up with puppy dog eyes at Binya: Please don’t take away my boyfriends ability to nut? 

I need that for...reasons.


Eggnog 12:43

I’m sure Gordon can convince Binya to go easy on Barney


Prinx 12:46

Oh yes he can ;D


Prinx 12:58

Barney finds it at least a little unnerving how different Gordon acts when Binya is around, but he also... gets it

That thing with the praise that Binya does is really ridiculously strong

Imagine Barney sassing Binya and then Binya asks if he's gonna be good

And Barney's like "...yeah >:( "


Prime 13:03

"I wanna be a brat but...

That praise tho"


Prinx 13:03


Binya has a lot of fun seeing how fast he can get Barney to "drop" into subspace