Knot Goes In script

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Knots and knotted toys are fun, aren't they? Filling you up until you can't think of anything else, tying you and your thoughts in place with pleasure, tying you to pleasure. We can tie the association between knots and pleasure even closer, fill up your mind with it, until you're so full you don't have any space left in your mind for anything else. If that's what you want, then nod your head.


Yes, you want to be hypnotised to feel even better than before when you're taking a knot, don't you? You're listening to this file, so I think you do. You want to be hypnotised, and you want to be filled by a knot. You want to be hypnotised so that every time you drive a knot inside yourself, you're driving out all your thoughts. Until all that's left in you is the knot and the pleasure it brings you.

To help you feel as good as you can, we're going to go through some relaxation techniques, some techniques that will help put you in a hypnotic state, where we can tie the experience of being full of a knot to the feeling of being empty of thoughts, so that the second easily and naturally follows the first, so that being knotted makes you lovely and mindless.

It sounds nice, doesn't it?

For now, all you have to do is focus on your breathing. Making it nice and deep to help take you into a relaxed state.

We're going to breathe in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, then breathe out for four seconds, and hold that for four seconds.

In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4

And every time you breathe out, imagine you’re exhaling all the stress and tension in your body

And again

In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4

In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4

Breathing slowing down, thoughts slowing down, relaxing more and more. Listening and following along and counting.

In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4

In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4

You can either continue with this pattern or switch to simply taking a deep breath in for several seconds and out for several seconds, whichever makes you more comfortable. The most important bit is to breathe deep.

Keep counting those breaths while you listen.

And while you're counting and listening, choose a spot on the wall across from you, a bit above your eyeline, and fix your gaze to that spot.

Keep breathing deep, and stare at that spot. See if you can notice all the details in that spot, the colour of the wall, any texture, the way the light hits it. Breathing deeply and counting all the while, and keeping your gaze fixed on the same spot.

As you stare, you will notice your eyelids getting heavier, notice it getting harder to keep them open, no matter how much you try to keep them open. No matter how hard you try to keep them open, your eyes are too tired not to close. And when they close, every time they close, tension melts away from your body and mind. And the longer your eyes are closed, the more they relax, and the more you relax along with them.

Go ahead and open your eyelids now, feeling how heavy they are and how much they want to slide shut again. How much they want to just relax, and stop trying so hard to stay open. And it IS hard to keep them open. It’s hard to keep looking at the spot you’ve chosen, when you want to relax and let your eyes shut, let relaxation wash over you.

When your eyes shut again, they’re simply too relaxed to open. It feels too pleasant to rest them and let yourself relax, to let all the tension leave the muscles in your eyes, relaxing your eyelids, relaxing all of the other muscles in your body too.. Even if you try to open your eyes, you can’t. If somehow you do open your eyes, you won’t be able to resist closing them again. It just feels to good to relax. Your body and mind want to relax and feel good, that’s why you’re here listening, after all.

Now that you're nice and relaxed, let's get back to talking about how good it feels to take a knot, and how it feels even better when combined with being mindless and empty of all thoughts.

No thoughts, only pleasure, only the knot, filling the hole in you and your thoughts. Leaving no space for anything else.

When the knot goes in, your thoughts go out. You're so full that you don't have space for thinking. You don't want to think anyway. You just want to be full of pleasure. Why bother with thoughts when you feel so good?

You want that experience, don't you? A thick knot fucking all the thoughts right out of you.

If you have a knotted toy, I want you to prepare yourself for taking it, if you haven't already. Even if you have to open your eyes to do so, you are going to remain relaxed and hypnotised while you listen to my words, and your eyes will irresistibly close once you're done, so you can focus on the experience of filling yourself with the knot. And if you don't have a toy, that's okay, I'm sure you can imagine it, how full a knot would make you feel, how it doesn't leave space for anything else. I want you to imagine that as hard as you can while you listen.

Whether it's real or imaginary, I want you to fill yourself with that knot while you listen. Tie the feeling of being knotted to the feeling of being hypnotised and to feeling good and empty of thoughts. Full of the knot, and empty of thoughts. It's simple, isn't it? (Pause) Yes, it is.

Once you're full up with a knot, there's no space left for anything else. No thoughts or worries. No thoughts when you're so wonderfully full, so full of pleasure.

No thoughts, only pleasure. It sounds so good. Being full of a knot feels so good. Being empty of thoughts and full of a knot feels so, so fucking good.

And every time you drive the knot into yourself, you drive your thoughts out.

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out.

And every time the knot goes in, it gets harder to think, and you go deeper into hypnosis.

I'm going to count now, and every number I say, you're going to fuck yourself with the knot, and fuck your thoughts farther out of your head, and fuck yourself deeper into hypnosis, into a thoughtless empty headed state that feels so good, the hypnosis only amplifying how good it feels to fuck yourself, how good it feels to be filled, to be so full, to have a knot driving you to higher and higher levels of pleasure while you go deeper and deeper into hypnosis. You're going to fuck yourself full of the knot and empty of thoughts, fuck yourself deeper into hypnosis and deeper into pleasure.

1, fucking your thoughts out with the knot. Feeling good. Your thoughts so empty while you're so full.

2, feeling twice as good, twice as hypnotised, twice as empty of thoughts and twice as full of pleasure

3, feeling three times as good and falling three times as deep into hypnosis as you're so deeply filled by the knot

4, four times as deep into hypnosis and four times as good, falling deeper and feeling better

5, five times as good, five times as hypnotised, the knot filling you so deeply it leaves no space for anything else but feeling good

6, so full of the knot and so empty of thoughts,

7, deeper into hypnosis and deeper into pleasure

8, feeling so full and so deeply good, so deeply hypnotised

9, mind emptier and emptier each time you fuck yourself, feeling more and more pleasure

10, and all you can think about is how good it feels to be filled with a knot

And every time you fuck yourself with the knot, you feel even better and even more hypnotised and even more empty of thoughts. 11 times, 12 times, 13 times, so many times, every time, just multiplying how good you feel and how deep you are in trance each time the knot goes in.

And now you're in a wonderfully empty headed and pleasure filled state, now that you know that fucking yourself with the knot can make you feel even better and even more empty of thoughts when combined with hypnosis, you're going to get a phrase to tie to that feeling and to being knotted.

Because every time the knot goes in, your thoughts go out, and it feels so good.

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out.

It's so simple, but it's true.

You can repeat this phrase silently or out loud whenever you're knotted, to bring yourself back to how you feel right now, to feeling completely empty headed and incredibly good. Because when you're filled with a knot, you don't have any space left for anything else, especially not for any thoughts other than how good it feels. You can only think about how full you are and how good it feels.

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

So full of the knot, so full of pleasure, so empty of thoughts

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

You can stay like this as long as you want, as long as you have a knot filling you. And when this file finishes soon, and you take the knot out, you will gradually and comfortably come out of trance. For now, enjoy the feeling of being so full with a knot that your mind is empty of everything else. No space for any thoughts, just for how good you feel.

So full of the knot, so full of pleasure, so empty of thoughts

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out

Knot Goes In, Thoughts Go Out