Relaxation in a Can script

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Before you start this file, you need to be sitting upright, for safety purposes. Take a can of soda or water, or a soda can you’ve refilled with water, and a marker or sharpie. Write a large B on the can.

Now that you’ve done that, let’s begin.

We all know it's so important to be hydrated, so why don’t you focus on drinking water for a moment? Take a sip, really think about the water flowing down your throat, feel it flowing down...

Flowing down, so refreshing. Take a sip now. Feeling the water flow down your throat as you swallow, knowing you’re taking care of yourself, that this is something you do for you. To take care of your body. It’s so important to drink enough water every day. And while you’re thinking about how important it is to stay hydrated, why not take a moment to relax? You don’t even have to try to relax, you can just let it happen as you listen to my words and allow me to guide you down into trance, guide you away from your worries and into relaxation. You're taking care of yourself by relaxing. That’s all you have to do.

Really put down those worries of yours. Take a sip of water and listen, following along with my words. Knowing that this is time for your worries to be washed away. Ready to listen and relax.

Don’t you want to relax? We all need time to relax. Time to let all those worries wash away. Imagine water dripping down, eroding your worries like soft limestone. Eroding your thoughts like soft limestone. A slow drip drip, gradually washing your conscious thoughts away, into a pool of water, surface rippling and gleaming each time a drop of water drips in.

A drip splashing down, washing away your worries and thoughts. Another drop. Imagining the soft dripping noise as it hits the water below, surface rippling for only a moment before smoothing back to calm. Softly dripping calm, washing away your thoughts with each drop. Like the patter of soft raindrops on your window when you're wrapped up cosy inside. A soothing rhythm of drops.

More drops of water washing away more and more of your thoughts as time passes. Eroding your thoughts and worries. More drops, less thoughts. More drops, less worries.

1 to start with.

Then 2 drops.

Then 3 drops, drip drop dripping through your thoughts and washing them away.

Now there’s 4 drops of water drip dropping down

Dropping down

5 drops of water dripping down, dissolving all those thoughts

6 drops of water drip dropping down, dropping you down, dripping away your thoughts, washing away your thoughts

Drip dropping down

Now there’s 7 drops, more drips dropping than thoughts to be thinking

8 drops eroding away what’s left of your thoughts

So few left but that's okay, you can let yourself relax

9 drops washing away what’s left of your thoughts

And with 10 drops it’s all washed away, you’ve drip dropped into relaxation, worries washed away by the water.

No thinking now, just listening, letting my words drip into your mind. Letting me help you relax with my words. Dropping away into relaxation. Water washing your thoughts away into relaxation.

Now that you’re in a relaxed and receptive state, let’s take a moment to establish an important fact. You see, the can you have now has some very special water in it. It might taste different than normal water, or maybe it has bubbles, but that’s fine. That’s because it’s special water. But this special water is only in the can with the “B” written on it. Any other water or drink, even if it tastes the same, is not the special water.

Only the special water, the water from the can with the “B” on it, has very special properties when you drink it. The special property of this water is that it can make you forget your worries. This special water can wash away your thoughts. Any time you drink from the can you’ve written “B” on, you’ll find it hard to think. And only when you drink from the can you’ve written “B” on. Any other can or any other water won’t have these special properties, because it’s not the special water I’m talking about.

But when you drink this special water, it gets harder to think. The more you drink, the harder it gets to think. The more you drink, the less you think. No matter how much you drink, though, the effect wears off within ten minutes of taking your last sip. All your thoughts will come back ten minutes after you take your last sip from the can with the “B” on it.

Let’s go over what we know about this special water. It comes from the can you’ve written a “B” on. It has a very special effect when you drink it. This special effect wears off ten minutes after you take your last sip. The special effect is that when you drink from the can with the “B”, it gets harder and harder to think.

When you’ve understood and accepted what you know about the special water, the water from the can with the “B” on it, take a sip from the can. Feel your thoughts getting fuzzier and farther away, as the water washes away worries. Washes away your thoughts. Making it so hard to think. It’s okay. You don’t have to think. Not when it's so hard to. Hard to think.

It’s hard to think.

Every time you drink, it gets harder to think

Go ahead and try to think

Take a drink

Try to think

So hard to think

Easy to drink

Hard to think

Just drink

Don’t think

Thoughts slipping and dripping from your head

Slipping, dripping

Drip drip Dripping

As you’re sipping

Every time you take a sip your thoughts go drip drip drip

Every time you take a sip your thoughts go drip drip drip

Dripping right out of your head

Washed right out of your head

No thoughts

That’s okay

No thinking

Just drinking

Thoughts drip drop drip

You take a sip

Drip drop drip

Every time you take a sip

Your thoughts go drip drip drip

Dripping away

Washing away

No worries

No need to worry

No need to think

Let it all wash away as you drink

Can’t think

Don’t think

No need to think

Just sip




Every time you take a sip

Your thoughts go drip drip drip

Drip drip drip

So relaxed

So empty of thoughts

Relax and enjoy having all those worries washed away

In ten minutes you'll slowly and gently come out of trance, remembering everything that happened and feeling wonderfully relaxed

For now you can let the water drip drip drip away your thoughts and worries

Washing away your thoughts

With only soft dripping water in your empty head instead